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Bapeth's Modern Dungeon PickerLockpicking04/14/2024 01/24/2024 BAZZACUNT
Chivalry Tanking ScriptChivalry04/13/2024 04/11/2024 demlar
Magery with elemental Magery04/05/2024 04/05/2024 golfinh0
Magery, Resist and bandage Healing with Self Flame StrikeMagery04/05/2024 04/04/2024 golfinh0
Training Magery to 100 using shelfMagery04/05/2024 05/02/2022 Jaseowns
Item Recycle while FarmingSnippet04/02/2024 10/08/2023 Jaseowns
Simple Logging ScriptLumberjacking03/28/2024 02/29/2024 demlar
Mushroom with timer exampleMagery03/26/2024 03/26/2024 Jaseowns
Animal Taming Script by DaKlue V3.0.5 (WIP)AnimalTaming03/23/2024 09/03/2023 daklue
BabangidaWrestling03/22/2024 03/21/2024 20pa
Dexxer tamer bot (pretty good) (1) AnimalTaming03/14/2024 08/24/2023 Jaseowns
One key to recall to next rune in book (R)Snippet03/14/2024 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Training Camping, Spirit Speak, Hiding, Stealth and Detect HiddenHiding03/11/2024 03/09/2024 demlar
Lifty Loot (L) open own corpses and auto loot your loot Snippet02/27/2024 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Item names and serials (including wildlands expansion)Snippet02/22/2024 02/21/2024 nev0r
Legenis's Super Cool Auto JackerLumberjacking02/19/2024 02/19/2024 legenis
Necro Summoner/ Mage Tamer V1.0.2 Snippet02/18/2024 11/19/2023 daklue
Simple Train Evaluating IntelligenceEvalInt02/18/2024 02/18/2024 texecutioner187
using scissors to resummon petMagery02/17/2024 02/17/2024 Jaseowns
Arson Request - Make Fires EverywhereSnippet02/15/2024 02/15/2024 Jaseowns
Ultimate Recall using Tome or Book as Escape (ALT-M)Magery02/11/2024 09/15/2022 Jaseowns
Magic spell book categorizer & organizerMagery02/10/2024 02/10/2024 cramphy1
Cut Wizard Hats and Place into StockpileInscribe02/05/2024 02/05/2024 texecutioner187
Craft Wizard Hats and Recycle into StockpileInscribe01/23/2024 01/23/2024 neverstopswing
Junk Scroll SorterSnippet01/22/2024 01/22/2024 steveholt_
Fastest Meditation trainingMeditation01/22/2024 01/22/2024 snilleblixt
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord Tamer Autobot Hotkey (1)Magery01/20/2024 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Summon GOOD creatureNecromancy01/18/2024 01/18/2024 initsu
ItemID Public/Private botItemID01/17/2024 01/13/2024 nesci0471
Bandage resurrectionHealing01/16/2024 01/16/2024 gorloke
Simple pre-hide Treasure Chest Looting (1) Lockpicking01/16/2024 01/16/2024 Jaseowns
SenorBorrachoMusicianship01/15/2024 01/15/2024 .dave5678
Ultimate Auto Dexxer Hotkey (1)Tactics01/15/2024 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
Re-summon Earth ElementalSpiritSpeak01/14/2024 02/14/2023 initsu
Easy Pull using Mage Bot Summons Snippet01/13/2024 08/12/2023 Jaseowns
Auto Bard Provo Dexxer Bot (NEW 7/5/2023)Provocation01/13/2024 07/06/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Summoner Hotkey Choose Your SummonsMagery01/13/2024 03/25/2023 Jaseowns
Halloween 2022 - Reaper of Souls mage botMagery01/13/2024 10/25/2022 Jaseowns
All Kill and Herding Herding01/13/2024 01/30/2022 Jaseowns
Train HerdingHerding01/13/2024 02/15/2022 Jaseowns
ULTIMATE HERDING New Focus Agro Use CrookHerding01/13/2024 01/13/2024 slackermandan
Resource Maps - Ore Map V2.0Mining01/11/2024 01/06/2024 neverstopswing
Create bulk mushrooms into Shelf with scrollsMagery01/09/2024 10/28/2023 neverstopswing
This is for you Bryan Snippet01/08/2024 01/08/2024 Jaseowns
Copy a locked down runebook in a CYMagery01/07/2024 01/07/2024 neverstopswing
Smooth TeleropeMagery01/07/2024 01/07/2024 neverstopswing
Veterinary Training for Tamer/MageVeterinary01/03/2024 01/03/2024 nabolas
Magic Recycler like Sorter v2ItemID01/02/2024 11/14/2023 special_sy
Animal TamingAnimalTaming01/01/2024 01/01/2024 nabolas
Animal Lore & Herding AFK Script (Jaseowns Herding script modified)AnimalLore01/01/2024 01/01/2024 dualnature_91947
Garden-Bro 9000 V2Snippet12/19/2023 10/22/2023 nev0r
Train Herding with Summon Creature(Endless)Herding12/05/2023 12/05/2023 ahmetboz
Make BoomBoxesMagery12/05/2023 12/05/2023 daklue
Item Recycle BotItemID12/02/2023 11/30/2023 daklue
Wizards Grimoire BlastsMagery11/25/2023 11/25/2023 carl_os
Grim Wizard 1.0 ProfilerMagery11/21/2023 09/07/2023 AreYouKidden🐲
Lumberjacking with hiding, tracking, and campingLumberjacking11/12/2023 11/12/2023 wolfgeist
Train Evaluating Intelligence at the Zoo with FlamestrikeEvalInt10/31/2023 10/30/2023 runes911
TemporalShiftLumberjacking10/25/2023 10/19/2023 temporalshift.
Item Recycle while Farming V1.1ItemID10/19/2023 10/19/2023 daklue
Easy Dispel FieldMagery10/12/2023 10/12/2023 Jaseowns
Mod: Auto tamer dexer with Disco TamerAnimalTaming10/12/2023 10/12/2023 daklue
Train Magery 0 to 100Magery10/07/2023 10/07/2023 alistormccoy
Ultimate Item SorterItemID10/07/2023 03/02/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Recall (Recall, Runetome, Runebook, Chivalry)Snippet09/16/2023 08/25/2023 special_sy
Mage Bot w/ TamerAnimalTaming09/15/2023 09/14/2023 daklue
Ready to boat made EZSnippet09/06/2023 09/06/2023 sweetman.
Improved Magery Eval Intel Spirit Speak.Magery08/31/2023 08/31/2023 .baldmenace
Setup our Pet variable for Tamer Snippet08/31/2023 08/31/2023 Jaseowns
Mod: Mage Bot v10.1.0 by Daklue Herding spamableSnippet08/27/2023 08/27/2023 daklue
Cut Wizard Hats, sort cloth back to containerInscribe08/25/2023 08/24/2023 special_sy
Mod: Ultimate Lumberjacking Script by Jaseowns V1.0.1 Lumberjacking08/24/2023 08/24/2023 daklue
Disco, Peace, Music and Animal LoreAnimalLore08/03/2023 08/03/2023 sauron_edithe
Animal Taming ScriptAnimalTaming08/02/2023 08/01/2023 daklue
Bless and Protection BotInscribe07/22/2023 07/22/2023 Jaseowns
jase test health pet check animal loreAnimalLore07/11/2023 07/11/2023 Jaseowns
Tinkering Crafting Queue and Sell JewelryTinkering07/11/2023 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Script - Base ScriptMining07/11/2023 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
Magery, Spirit Speak and Eval Int from 85 to 100Magery07/05/2023 07/05/2023 woddeb
Mass Pouch TrapperSnippet07/05/2023 07/05/2023 areyoukidden
Restock Storage Shelf with Trapped PouchesMagery06/19/2023 06/19/2023 oaksvirals
Restock Storage Shelf with Magic Mushrooms (Easily Customizable)Magery06/19/2023 06/12/2023 oaksvirals
Cast psn on all nearby mobsPoisoning06/08/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Lazy Mage with DebuffsMagery05/31/2023 12/08/2022 SINGsingFan
Pop a pouch if paralyzed (V) Magery05/25/2023 05/25/2023 Jaseowns
Train Herding, Spirit Speak and Necromancy from 80 to 120Necromancy05/04/2023 05/04/2023 DoubleDuke
Auto-Taming Script ( 04/28/2023 [BB] Khal Draco
Item names and serialsSnippet04/28/2023 04/28/2023 Nevor
Ghost Dog Quote MachineSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 mantooth
Loop until you have X mushroomsSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Example: Dump and Restock One ButtonSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Spot MinerMining04/20/2023 03/16/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Keep Me Alive v1.2Snippet04/15/2023 04/15/2023 ProMess
Screen shot taker - Test Center HelperSnippet04/11/2023 04/11/2023 Jaseowns
Sorting Weapons and ArmorItemID04/06/2023 03/12/2022 Jaseowns
Magic Mushroom Maker w/Storage ShelfMagery04/05/2023 04/05/2023 Burger Beagle
Updated Wizard Hat Recycler w/Resource StockpileInscribe04/05/2023 04/04/2023 Burger Beagle
Wrestling Catch PhrasesSnippet04/02/2023 04/02/2023 mantooth
Not Better Ultimate Lazy Dexxer Lazier than JaseownsChivalry04/02/2023 08/07/2022 SINGsingFan
Train Evaluating Intelligence from 80 to 100 with spellsEvalInt03/27/2023 03/25/2023 DoubleDuke
Train Meditation (Lazy wizard hat)Meditation03/23/2023 03/23/2023 Jaseowns
Script for [L%C]AmadeusRemoveTrap03/19/2023 03/18/2023 DaKlue
KMA_v1Snippet03/16/2023 03/16/2023 ProMess
Wiz Grim ProfilesMagery03/16/2023 03/15/2023 BrandonFYIA
Bless YouMagery03/15/2023 01/02/2023 BrandonFYIA
Ougah Dexxer Bard Single target Musicianship03/10/2023 03/09/2023 Jephgag
Ultimate Cure Pet for Tamer (ALT-V)Veterinary03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
Universal Teleport RopeStealing03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Strength Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Magic Resist Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Refresh Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Heal Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Cure Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Necro go boom!!! Cast your Necro Mage Buffs!Necromancy03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Snoop BagStealing03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Set Snoop BagStealing03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Backstab Weapon SwapStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Backstab Closest Monster from rangeStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Backstab Closest MonsterStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
New Character Auto Level Magery to 80Magery03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Train Magery to 80 ShelterMagery03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Heal Pet for Tamer (V) - will also resVeterinary03/02/2023 02/28/2023 Jaseowns
Train Poisoning using a ShelfPoisoning03/02/2023 02/06/2022 Jaseowns
Train VeterinaryVeterinary02/27/2023 02/24/2023 nkr
Jase Self Heal (E) - Town struggle learningsMagery02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Strangelands Dexxer BotSnippet02/19/2023 02/18/2023 Jaseowns
Semi-auto Poison Necro Summoner Script - Boss ReadyNecromancy02/18/2023 02/18/2023 Burger Beagle
Modified Ultimate Dungeon Chest Crawler V0.7RemoveTrap02/11/2023 02/08/2023 DaKlue
Ultimate Hiding Script Hiding01/31/2023 01/31/2023 Jaseowns
Auto Hide and then Steal near closest mobStealing01/31/2023 01/31/2023 Jaseowns
PK Getaway Script for Mages (2)Snippet01/28/2023 10/27/2022 Jaseowns
Plant CareTasteID01/27/2023 01/26/2023 adamtwelve
Remove Negative Plant EffectsTasteID01/27/2023 01/26/2023 adamtwelve
Train Taste Identification TasteID01/26/2023 01/26/2023 MACIASZCZYK10
WIP: Dexxer/Mage/Necro HybridSwords01/25/2023 01/20/2023 KikRox268
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord + Peacemaking w/ Buffs Autobot HotkeyMagery01/17/2023 01/17/2023 dave5678
All Potions that handles all weapon typesSnippet01/17/2023 01/14/2023 Jaseowns
Long Duration Buffs HotkeyCamping01/17/2023 01/05/2023 Jaseowns
Basic Vendor Gate Spam Magery01/11/2023 01/11/2023 Jaseowns
Potion Buffs: Handle all weapon typesAlchemy01/10/2023 01/07/2023 Jaseowns
Poison NecromancerNecromancy01/03/2023 12/29/2022 Aeos
Uo Autobot Necro Mage summon script by jaseowns with Hellzy editsNecromancy01/03/2023 12/31/2022 liveonce
Dispel Wall of Stone and Energy FieldMagery12/22/2022 12/22/2022 Deceptacreep
Vendor Restock ScriptSnippet12/20/2022 03/31/2022 Mustang
Auto Chiv Dexxer/TamerChivalry12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Hayes
jaseowns Auto Necro Summoner flexibility editMagery12/15/2022 12/14/2022 Hayes
Dispel a wall of stone exampleMagery12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Jaseowns
Proof of concept pvp (4)Magery12/15/2022 12/06/2022 Jaseowns
Willobe's edit of Jaseowns Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro script With Summon logicNecromancy12/12/2022 11/19/2022 Willobe
Break and Weaken PVP (ALT-A)Magery12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Heal Buster PVP (A)Magery12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Smart Magic Arrow PVPMagery12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Lazy Mage LiteMagery12/02/2022 10/08/2022 SINGsingFan
Plant a plantTasteID11/29/2022 11/10/2022 Jaseowns
Lazy Gardener TasteID11/21/2022 11/20/2022 SINGsingFan
Ultimate archer summoner auto scriptSnippet11/07/2022 11/07/2022 botanic
Evaluate Intelligence Training to 100(magery script swap)EvalInt11/06/2022 11/05/2022 lofiheadchange
Make sure you trap all your pouchesMagery11/05/2022 11/05/2022 Jaseowns
Herding for Necro w/ lichesHerding10/31/2022 10/31/2022 Aku
One hotkey necro nox mage cycle (1)Poisoning10/22/2022 10/13/2022 Jaseowns
One hotkey mage cycle (1)Magery10/22/2022 10/06/2022 Jaseowns
Auto bot tmapper kill dude with tinkeringTinkering10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
poison necro mage summoner 1 button v1.1 ( work in progress )Magery10/20/2022 10/13/2022 stoned summoner
Dump all reagents to a container and collect a defined amount to satchel.Magery10/20/2022 10/18/2022 Necromunger
Train Magic Resist (Resisting Spells)MagicResist10/17/2022 10/16/2022 weteamsteve
Necro Make sure you have an earth pet and fire pet and creature summon (P)Necromancy10/15/2022 10/08/2022 Jaseowns
Herding for mage summonerHerding10/12/2022 10/12/2022 EternallyLight
Easy GM necromancyNecromancy10/10/2022 10/10/2022 EternallyLight
Make sure you have an earth pet and water pet (P)Magery10/06/2022 10/04/2022 Jaseowns
Quickly Use Rope while Teleport Magery09/29/2022 09/29/2022 Jaseowns
NecrosisNecromancy09/23/2022 09/23/2022 AreYouKidden🐲
Easy HealHealing09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden🐲
Quick Escape Macro (gate, recall, chiv)Snippet09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Roeshambo
ItemID BotItemID09/13/2022 09/13/2022 nesci
Inscription to 120 - no shelf/stock pileInscribe09/11/2022 09/11/2022 SpicyShinigami
Train Taste IdentificationTasteID09/09/2022 02/06/2022 Jaseowns
Eat Mushroom (with cooldown display)Magery08/30/2022 08/30/2022 Isc4riot
Rename Summon Example (earth elemental)Magery08/30/2022 08/30/2022 Jaseowns
Move Regs to your satchelMagery08/28/2022 08/28/2022 Jaseowns
Recall with Detect Hidden check after 2s delaySnippet07/18/2022 04/14/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Copy RunetomeSnippet07/17/2022 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
tranq's aspect switcherSnippet07/05/2022 07/05/2022 tranq
Shelter Dungeon Magery to 75Magery06/08/2022 06/08/2022 whiskeywalt
House DumpSnippet05/17/2022 05/17/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Spirit Speak- No RegsSpiritSpeak05/13/2022 05/13/2022 whiskeywalt
Boat Bot v4.1aSnippet05/10/2022 02/23/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Herding at Prevalia ZooHerding05/07/2022 05/07/2022 whiskeywalt
Ultimate Lumberjack ScriptLumberjacking05/04/2022 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
Taming TrainerAnimalTaming04/26/2022 04/26/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Trap empty pouches Magery04/23/2022 04/23/2022 Jaseowns
Training Magery to 100 - no healingMagery04/13/2022 04/13/2022 Jaseowns
Meditation using wizards hatMeditation04/06/2022 04/06/2022 SnilleBlixt
High gain spirit speakSpiritSpeak04/05/2022 04/05/2022 SnilleBlixt
Loot / Check BuffsSnippet03/19/2022 03/19/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Healing Loop - Only instant effectsHealing03/16/2022 03/16/2022 Brozan (Syal)
HealingHealing03/09/2022 03/09/2022 roger
Dispel Water ElementalMagery03/09/2022 03/09/2022 Jaseowns
Poison_CurrentWeaponPoisoning03/09/2022 03/08/2022 Chase
Poison Equipped WeaponPoisoning03/03/2022 03/03/2022 Jaseowns
Training Poisoning with no shelfPoisoning02/27/2022 02/27/2022 Jaseowns
Taming TrainerAnimalTaming02/25/2022 02/24/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Copy RunebookSnippet02/14/2022 02/14/2022 Jaseowns
Summon Earth Elemental 90-GM MageryMagery02/09/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason
Lumberjacking with Catpcha and TrackingLumberjacking02/09/2022 02/09/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Walking miner with multiple railsMining02/08/2022 02/08/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Buff with Bless and ProtectionMagery02/06/2022 02/06/2022 Jaseowns
Siv's Magery TrainerMagery02/01/2022 02/01/2022 Siv
Dispel FieldsMagery01/31/2022 01/31/2022 heavysetrapier
Tame OutlandsAnimalTaming01/31/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason
Shelter Island Corpser MageryMagery01/31/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason

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