Jaseowns Mage Bot Guide

The main script can be found here, Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord Autobot Hotkey (1) but below are some guides explaining how it works and how to set it up.

Avoid attacking player pets - setup IgnoreMobsExplained01/29/2023 01/29/2023
Build ExamplesExplained12/19/2022 12/19/2022
How do I setup my spells?Explained12/19/2022 12/17/2022
How do I setup my wizard grimoire?Explained12/19/2022 12/17/2022
How do I setup my Summoner Tome?Explained12/19/2022 12/17/2022

Video Example

The video below is a time stamp (starts at 1:48:26) of me explaining the entire script.

Any guide requests or something you'd like to submit? Let me know on Discord