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Animal Lore Helper - gotta catch them all (3)AnimalLore09/29/2023 09/22/2023 Jaseowns
REALLY Lazy Gardener (Modified)Snippet09/29/2023 09/15/2023 wolfgeist
Organize and Drop Off Script (Control Shift O)Snippet09/28/2023 12/28/2022 Jaseowns
Lifty Loot SetterSnippet09/28/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Easy pz tracking helper for botsTracking09/28/2023 09/28/2023 Jaseowns
Become an evil tamer pkSnippet09/26/2023 09/14/2023 Jaseowns
Dexxer tamer bot (pretty good) (1) AnimalTaming09/26/2023 08/24/2023 Jaseowns
Equip a chainSnippet09/25/2023 09/25/2023 Jaseowns
Vendor Scavenger EmptySnippet09/19/2023 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Vendor ScavengerSnippet09/19/2023 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Ultimate Recall (Recall, Runetome, Runebook, Chivalry)Snippet09/16/2023 08/25/2023 special_sy
Mage Bot w/ TamerAnimalTaming09/15/2023 09/14/2023 daklue
Simple AutoPromptSnippet09/13/2023 09/13/2023 alistormccoy
Bard Composer 1.0Musicianship09/07/2023 09/07/2023 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Bestiary Prof 1.0AnimalTaming09/07/2023 09/07/2023 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Grim Wizard 1.0 ProfilerMagery09/07/2023 09/07/2023 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Animal Taming Script by DaKlue V1.0.2AnimalTaming09/07/2023 09/03/2023 daklue
Ready to boat made EZSnippet09/06/2023 09/06/2023 sweetman.
I ban theeSnippet09/02/2023 09/01/2023 brandonfyia
Lockpick with Lockpick Training Box and Detect Hidden Shelter IslandLockpicking08/31/2023 08/31/2023 fijiwiji
Improved Magery Eval Intel Spirit Speak.Magery08/31/2023 08/31/2023 .baldmenace
Setup our Pet variable for Tamer Snippet08/31/2023 08/31/2023 Jaseowns
Train Eval on playersSnippet08/30/2023 08/29/2023 ahirman
Mod: Mage Bot v10.1.0 by Daklue Herding spamableSnippet08/27/2023 08/27/2023 daklue
Item I.D. and Detect HiddenItemID08/25/2023 08/25/2023 sauron_edithe
Cut Wizard Hats, sort cloth back to containerInscribe08/25/2023 08/24/2023 special_sy
Train Veterinary to your max skillVeterinary08/25/2023 08/25/2023 Jaseowns
Mod: Ultimate Lumberjacking Script by Jaseowns V1.0.1 Lumberjacking08/24/2023 08/24/2023 daklue
Train Veterinary to 80 in Shelter IslandVeterinary08/24/2023 08/24/2023 Jaseowns
Kings Faire 2023 Auto BotSnippet08/19/2023 08/19/2023 Jaseowns
Kings Faire 2023 Get a Balloon and EquipSnippet08/19/2023 08/19/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord Tamer Autobot Hotkey (1)Magery08/19/2023 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Pickup lotto loot Snippet08/18/2023 08/18/2023 Jaseowns
Hiding, Stealth, Lockpicking, Camping and Remove Traps TrainingSnippet08/17/2023 08/11/2023 special_sy
Click nearest map (ALT-U)Snippet08/12/2023 06/24/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Pull using Mage Bot Summons Snippet08/12/2023 08/12/2023 Jaseowns
Move pouches to pretty cornerSnippet08/12/2023 08/12/2023 Jaseowns
Vendor Cataloguing Script (updated, fixed for NPCs that interrupt the cataloguing)Snippet08/09/2023 08/08/2023 .divined
Shelter Dungeon Animal Taming AnimalTaming08/05/2023 08/01/2023 Jaseowns
Automatically accept all the societiesSnippet08/05/2023 08/05/2023 Jaseowns
Disco, Peace, Music and Animal LoreAnimalLore08/03/2023 08/03/2023 sauron_edithe
Train Camping, Peace and Discord to 80 in ShelterPeacemaking08/03/2023 03/02/2022 Jaseowns
Animal Taming ScriptAnimalTaming08/02/2023 08/01/2023 daklue
Lock or unlock your lockable loot boxSnippet08/01/2023 08/01/2023 Jaseowns
Automated Fishing MapsFishing07/29/2023 07/28/2023 gyvulor
Automated Ore MapsSnippet07/27/2023 07/27/2023 gyvulor
Lazy GardenerSnippet07/26/2023 07/20/2023 singsingfan
Attack Nearest with Halberd and Swap to Katana (V)Swords07/25/2023 07/20/2023 Jaseowns
Bless and Protection BotInscribe07/22/2023 07/22/2023 Jaseowns
Mugger Bot Snippet07/20/2023 07/20/2023 Jaseowns
Shadow Weapon Swap ExampleSnippet07/20/2023 07/20/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Hide or Stealth (A)Stealth07/18/2023 07/18/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate SmokeBomb Script with CooldownHiding07/15/2023 07/15/2023 Jaseowns
Jaseowns Cooldown.xml fileSnippet07/15/2023 12/13/2022 Jaseowns
SmokeBomb cooldown.xmlSnippet07/15/2023 07/15/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Thief TrainerStealing07/13/2023 07/13/2023 Jaseowns
Simple and Improved Ban BotSnippet07/13/2023 07/13/2023 Jaseowns
jase test health pet check animal loreAnimalLore07/11/2023 07/11/2023 Jaseowns
Tinkering Crafting Queue and Sell JewelryTinkering07/11/2023 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Auto Dexxer Hotkey (1)Tactics07/11/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Script - Base ScriptMining07/11/2023 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
combine stacks of gold so they are prettySnippet07/10/2023 07/06/2023 Jaseowns
Stack gold into 60k pilesSnippet07/06/2023 07/06/2023 initsu
Auto Bard Provo Dexxer Bot (NEW 7/5/2023)Provocation07/06/2023 07/06/2023 Jaseowns
Magery, Spirit Speak and Eval Int from 85 to 100Magery07/05/2023 07/05/2023 woddeb
Mass Pouch TrapperSnippet07/05/2023 07/05/2023 areyoukidden
BESTEST GaTe ScRiPt 4 EScapESnippet07/05/2023 07/05/2023 urgfinterruptingyou
Drop gold and put hands up Snippet06/27/2023 06/27/2023 Jaseowns
Cooldown Triggers for Detective LensDetectHidden06/27/2023 06/27/2023 Jaseowns
One key to recall to next rune in book (R)Snippet06/24/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Go to town center Test CenterSnippet06/24/2023 05/23/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Res PetVeterinary06/20/2023 06/20/2023 Jaseowns
Move potions from stockpile to shelfSnippet06/20/2023 06/20/2023 Jaseowns
Restock Storage Shelf with Trapped PouchesMagery06/19/2023 06/19/2023 oaksvirals
Restock Storage Shelf with Magic Mushrooms (Easily Customizable)Magery06/19/2023 06/12/2023 oaksvirals
Ultimate Cooldown XML file - all skills in one cooldownSnippet06/18/2023 12/01/2022 Jaseowns
Select a target to herd and discordDiscordance06/11/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Move leather sets into bagsSnippet06/10/2023 06/10/2023 Jaseowns
Cast psn on all nearby mobsPoisoning06/08/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Retrieve trap from groundTinkering06/02/2023 06/02/2023 Aeos
Sheer sheep, wheel wool, loom yarn Tailoring06/01/2023 10/13/2022 Jaseowns
Drop an item in the trashSnippet06/01/2023 06/01/2023 Jaseowns
Drop gold if overweightSnippet06/01/2023 06/01/2023 Jaseowns
Bulk move Unidentified items and JewelsSnippet05/31/2023 05/31/2023 DoubleDuke
Lazy Mage with DebuffsMagery05/31/2023 12/08/2022 SINGsingFan
Pop a pouch if paralyzed (V) Magery05/25/2023 05/25/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Recall using Tome or Book as Escape (ALT-M)Magery05/23/2023 09/15/2022 Jaseowns
Distillo-bot 3000Alchemy05/22/2023 09/05/2022 Aphlux
TAILOR: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesTailoring05/09/2023 02/05/2023 Jaseowns
Batman Fight Sound Effect MachineSnippet05/04/2023 05/03/2023 mantooth
Train Herding, Spirit Speak and Necromancy from 80 to 120Necromancy05/04/2023 05/04/2023 DoubleDuke
Small Paragon Chest Opener 2.0Lockpicking05/04/2023 04/30/2023 weteamsteve
Move Runes from Rune Tome to another rune TomeSnippet05/02/2023 05/02/2023 Jaseowns
Boat MinerSnippet05/01/2023 05/01/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Auto-Taming Script ( 04/28/2023 [BB] Khal Draco
Item names and serialsSnippet04/28/2023 04/28/2023 Nevor
Ultimate Miner - Moving South (Number-pad 1) Mining04/23/2023 04/23/2023 Jaseowns
Ghost Dog Quote MachineSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 mantooth
Spellcast using Spell NumbersSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Burst Macro for ChivalrySnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Spyglass RoutineSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Adventurer's Rope with CooldownSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Pain Spike Any CorpseSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Put target's status effects overheadSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Loop until you have X mushroomsSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Search Multiple Vendors for ItemSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Drop off all Ship loot to own hatch Snippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
One Button - Herd or All Kill if no crookSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Example: Dump and Restock One ButtonSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
One Button - Curse or Chiv depending on skillsSnippet04/20/2023 04/20/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Spot MinerMining04/20/2023 03/16/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Placing Explosion Traps down and blowing them up Tinkering04/18/2023 10/15/2022 Jaseowns
Melee weapons swap and hide in a trapped pouchTactics04/18/2023 04/14/2023 DoubleDuke
ripkitty Swing Speed TesterSnippet04/18/2023 04/18/2023 Jaseowns
Example of lift/dropSnippet04/18/2023 04/18/2023 Jaseowns
Whiskey Drinking Quote MachineSnippet04/17/2023 04/16/2023 mantooth
Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter Quote MachineSnippet04/17/2023 04/16/2023 mantooth
Norsemen Quotes, taunts or RandumbnessSnippet04/16/2023 03/31/2023 mantooth
BLACKSMITH: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesBlacksmith04/15/2023 02/11/2023 Jaseowns
Keep Me Alive v1.2Snippet04/15/2023 04/15/2023 ProMess
CARPENTRY: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesCarpentry04/15/2023 04/15/2023 Jaseowns
Train all/selected music skills at Prevalia ZooMusicianship04/13/2023 04/13/2023 Dextrome
ALCHEMY: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesAlchemy04/13/2023 04/13/2023 Jaseowns
Screen shot taker - Test Center HelperSnippet04/11/2023 04/11/2023 Jaseowns
Simple Bandage Only LoopHealing04/08/2023 08/21/2022 Jaseowns
Training AnatomyAnatomy04/07/2023 01/30/2022 Jaseowns
Lelsie Nielson movie quote machine by mantooth Snippet04/07/2023 04/06/2023 mantooth
Sorting Weapons and ArmorItemID04/06/2023 03/12/2022 Jaseowns
Magic Mushroom Maker w/Storage ShelfMagery04/05/2023 04/05/2023 Burger Beagle
Regular Cannon Fire Auto TargetSnippet04/05/2023 04/02/2023 BAZZACUNT
Updated Wizard Hat Recycler w/Resource StockpileInscribe04/05/2023 04/04/2023 Burger Beagle
Pooty Tang-ismsSnippet04/02/2023 03/31/2023 mantooth
Letterkenny Quotes, Taunts or ChirpsSnippet04/02/2023 03/27/2023 mantooth
Monty Python and the Holy Grail randumbnessSnippet04/02/2023 03/24/2023 mantooth
Wrestling Catch PhrasesSnippet04/02/2023 04/02/2023 mantooth
Not Better Ultimate Lazy Dexxer Lazier than JaseownsChivalry04/02/2023 08/07/2022 SINGsingFan
Train Hiding and StealthStealth03/30/2023 02/23/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Ingot Drop OffMining03/28/2023 03/28/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Miner - Standing Still (Number-pad 0)Mining03/28/2023 03/28/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Smelter ScriptMining03/28/2023 03/28/2023 Jaseowns
Move bolts and arrow to quiver (anti-theft version) (original from Jaseowns)Archery03/27/2023 03/25/2023 DoubleDuke
Train Evaluating Intelligence from 80 to 100 with spellsEvalInt03/27/2023 03/25/2023 DoubleDuke
Ultimate Summoner Hotkey Choose Your SummonsMagery03/25/2023 03/25/2023 Jaseowns
Train Meditation (Lazy wizard hat)Meditation03/23/2023 03/23/2023 Jaseowns
Train Alchemy using ShelfAlchemy03/21/2023 02/02/2022 Jaseowns
Move Purple pot from shelf to restock pileSnippet03/21/2023 03/21/2023 Jaseowns
Stance switching with 2 different weapon typesSwords03/20/2023 03/20/2023 Eaos
St Pat Event Discard Books!Snippet03/19/2023 03/18/2023 SINGsingFan
Script for [L%C]AmadeusRemoveTrap03/19/2023 03/18/2023 DaKlue
KMA_v1Snippet03/16/2023 03/16/2023 ProMess
Fishing with Captcha Detection (cooldown)Fishing03/16/2023 03/16/2023 Jaseowns
Wiz Grim ProfilesMagery03/16/2023 03/15/2023 BrandonFYIA
Bless YouMagery03/15/2023 01/02/2023 BrandonFYIA
Ougah Dexxer Bard Single Target - CooldownsSnippet03/11/2023 03/10/2023 Jephgag
AFK Bard Chivalry MaidSnippet03/10/2023 03/07/2023 Spiral
Ougah Dexxer Bard Single target Musicianship03/10/2023 03/09/2023 Jephgag
Use a cleansing brew but only if you are bleeding or diseasedAlchemy03/09/2023 03/09/2023 Jaseowns
InfoGrabber Razor ScriptSnippet03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
InfoGrabber Client MacroSnippet03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Cure Pet for Tamer (ALT-V)Veterinary03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
Universal Teleport RopeStealing03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Strength Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Magic Resist Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Refresh Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Heal Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Drink Cure Potion - Legenis AssassinStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Necro go boom!!! Cast your Necro Mage Buffs!Necromancy03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Snoop BagStealing03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Set Snoop BagStealing03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Backstab Weapon SwapStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Backstab Closest Monster from rangeStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis Backstab Closest MonsterStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Legenis's Hide to StealthStealth03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
New Character Auto Level Magery to 80Magery03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Legenis
Train Magery to 80 ShelterMagery03/04/2023 03/04/2023 Jaseowns
Create Crafting Queue for Training BlacksmithyBlacksmith03/02/2023 03/02/2023 TheGmaster1
Ultimate Item SorterItemID03/02/2023 03/02/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Heal Pet for Tamer (V) - will also resVeterinary03/02/2023 02/28/2023 Jaseowns
Train Poisoning using a ShelfPoisoning03/02/2023 02/06/2022 Jaseowns
Train VeterinaryVeterinary02/27/2023 02/24/2023 nkr
Use Rope and Teleport (slower)Snippet02/26/2023 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Snippet for moving logs to trapped pouchLumberjacking02/23/2023 02/23/2023 Jaseowns
Organize all our dungeon loot Snippet02/21/2023 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Test your gold drop off - Bank deposit Snippet02/21/2023 02/21/2023 Jaseowns
Train Blacksmith script (old style)Blacksmith02/21/2023 02/21/2023 Jaseowns
Spin to Win - Alternate DirectionsSnippet02/21/2023 02/19/2023 FewUnderstandThis
Open any untrapped pouches on character (shift o)Snippet02/20/2023 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Jase Self Heal (E) - Town struggle learningsMagery02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Strangelands Dexxer BotSnippet02/19/2023 02/18/2023 Jaseowns
Enter strange lands when it startsSnippet02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Lifty Loot (L) open own corpses and auto loot your loot Snippet02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Semi-auto Poison Necro Summoner Script - Boss ReadyNecromancy02/18/2023 02/18/2023 Burger Beagle
Little script to check your EventScore Snippet02/18/2023 02/18/2023 Jaseowns
Target Next Red and send in pets (ALT-4)Snippet02/18/2023 12/24/2022 Jaseowns
All Maps Decoded from ALL TomesCartography02/18/2023 10/29/2022 Jaseowns
Create Crafting Queue for Training Tailoring Tailoring02/16/2023 02/16/2023 Jaseowns
Re-summon Earth ElementalSpiritSpeak02/14/2023 02/14/2023 initsu
Jaseowns Ultimate Mining (gumps.xml)Snippet02/13/2023 02/13/2023 Jaseowns
Modified Ultimate Dungeon Chest Crawler V0.7RemoveTrap02/11/2023 02/08/2023 DaKlue
Use Rope and kick back on auto dexxer after selection Snippet02/09/2023 02/09/2023 Jaseowns
Train Lockpicking and Remove Trap with shelf restockLockpicking02/09/2023 02/07/2022 Jaseowns
New player bank drop off and restock scriptSnippet02/07/2023 02/07/2023 Jaseowns
Harvest KindlingCamping02/06/2023 02/06/2023 Little Cloud
WIP: Auto SocietiesSnippet02/04/2023 02/04/2023 Jaseowns
Target last (smart-ish)Snippet02/02/2023 02/02/2023 Brozan (Syal)
Find Item on VendorSnippet02/01/2023 01/31/2023 Sandro
Ultimate Hiding Script Hiding01/31/2023 01/31/2023 Jaseowns
Auto Hide and then Steal near closest mobStealing01/31/2023 01/31/2023 Jaseowns
Basic Heal to start bandageHealing01/29/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
Provocation HotkeyProvocation01/28/2023 01/25/2023 Nevor
PK Getaway Script for Mages (2)Snippet01/28/2023 10/27/2022 Jaseowns
Plant CareTasteID01/27/2023 01/26/2023 adamtwelve
Remove Negative Plant EffectsTasteID01/27/2023 01/26/2023 adamtwelve
Train Taste Identification TasteID01/26/2023 01/26/2023 MACIASZCZYK10
WIP: Dexxer/Mage/Necro HybridSwords01/25/2023 01/20/2023 KikRox268
Easy Discordance / Peacemaking HotkeyMusicianship01/21/2023 01/21/2023 Jaseowns
AspectQuickSwitchSnippet01/21/2023 10/06/2022 Elhoej
Ultimate Quick Escape through gate (M)Snippet01/17/2023 07/22/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord + Peacemaking w/ Buffs Autobot HotkeyMagery01/17/2023 01/17/2023 dave5678
Thief BaneSnippet01/17/2023 01/17/2023 UltraGoliath
Gold ConsolidationSnippet01/17/2023 01/17/2023 UltraGoliath
Basic Heal and Chivalry abilities to healChivalry01/17/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
All Potions that handles all weapon typesSnippet01/17/2023 01/14/2023 Jaseowns
Automated Lumber MapsLumberjacking01/17/2023 01/16/2023 Gyvulor
Long Duration Buffs HotkeyCamping01/17/2023 01/05/2023 Jaseowns
Steal stealthis (last object replacement steal) (S)Stealing01/17/2023 08/30/2022 Jaseowns
Automated Skinning MapsForensics01/16/2023 01/16/2023 Gyvulor
Search a container or bag for trapped pouches with items insideSnooping01/13/2023 11/10/2022 Jaseowns
Unorganized bag trollSnippet01/12/2023 01/12/2023 Jaseowns
Synchronized spinningSnippet01/12/2023 01/12/2023 initsu
Swap between weapons and not lose spell targetSnippet01/11/2023 01/11/2023 Jaseowns
Basic Vendor Gate Spam Magery01/11/2023 01/11/2023 Jaseowns
Potion Buffs: Handle all weapon typesAlchemy01/10/2023 01/07/2023 Jaseowns
Fishing frenzyFishing01/08/2023 01/07/2023 Nevor
Chivalry heal check snippetChivalry01/07/2023 01/07/2023 initsu
mnightsalamillama has to pee poker checker Snippet01/07/2023 01/07/2023 Jaseowns
Poison NecromancerNecromancy01/03/2023 12/29/2022 Aeos
Uo Autobot Necro Mage summon script by jaseowns with Hellzy editsNecromancy01/03/2023 12/31/2022 liveonce
Release all followersSnippet01/02/2023 01/02/2023 Jaseowns
Spin to win (in a circle)Snippet12/30/2022 10/29/2022 Jaseowns
Spin to win and rotate torchesSnippet12/27/2022 12/27/2022 initsu
Jase Owns Chivalry Gate Bot + Bard BuffsSnippet12/24/2022 12/23/2022 Agent G
Check if target is playerSnippet12/24/2022 12/24/2022 Jaseowns
WIP - Inventory Your ItemsSnippet12/24/2022 12/21/2022 Jaseowns
Inventory Your BodySnippet12/24/2022 12/24/2022 initsu
Dispel Wall of Stone and Energy FieldMagery12/22/2022 12/22/2022 Deceptacreep
Vendor Restock ScriptSnippet12/20/2022 03/31/2022 Mustang
Rok'warSnippet12/20/2022 12/20/2022 Pcbl
Target Example (Scroll Wheel Down)Snippet12/19/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Setup your wizard grimoire Auto BotSnippet12/17/2022 12/17/2022 Jaseowns
Dungeon Torch ExampleSnippet12/16/2022 12/16/2022 Jaseowns
Auto Chiv Dexxer/TamerChivalry12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Hayes
jaseowns Auto Necro Summoner flexibility editMagery12/15/2022 12/14/2022 Hayes
Simple Steal Last TargetStealing12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Jaseowns
Dispel a wall of stone exampleMagery12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Jaseowns
Proof of concept pvp (4)Magery12/15/2022 12/06/2022 Jaseowns
Fill potions from kegsSnippet12/12/2022 12/11/2022 Nevor
Recall use Rune in BackpackSnippet12/12/2022 12/11/2022 disi
Willobe's edit of Jaseowns Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro script With Summon logicNecromancy12/12/2022 11/19/2022 Willobe
Break and Weaken PVP (ALT-A)Magery12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Dynamically set a hotbag for organizerSnippet12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Equip a halberd PVPSnippet12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Heal Buster PVP (A)Magery12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Hide-Stealth-WizhatHiding12/09/2022 12/09/2022 KCJones210
OCD your items into a bagSnippet12/09/2022 11/17/2022 Jaseowns
Smart Magic Arrow PVPMagery12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Helper Script for Knowing Target TypeSnippet12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Explosion Potion (B)Alchemy12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Where's that vendor?Snippet12/08/2022 12/05/2022 Areolys
Pretty Bag Item StackSnippet12/06/2022 12/06/2022 Jaseowns
Move Runebook to different runebookSnippet12/05/2022 12/04/2022 liveonce
Lazy Mage LiteMagery12/02/2022 10/08/2022 SINGsingFan
Simplified Lumberjacking to avoid thievesLumberjacking12/01/2022 12/01/2022 Jaseowns
Shovel soil shitSnippet11/29/2022 11/29/2022 Jaseowns
Plant a plantTasteID11/29/2022 11/10/2022 Jaseowns
Lazy Gardener TasteID11/21/2022 11/20/2022 SINGsingFan
Example Check Cursor Helper (good or bad spell up)Snippet11/21/2022 11/21/2022 Jaseowns
Cooldown for thief xml fileSnippet11/19/2022 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Open any pouches that have itemsSnippet11/19/2022 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Example of cooldown Snippet11/19/2022 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Put bandages inside your empty red pouchesSnippet11/17/2022 11/17/2022 Jaseowns
Rainbow TextSnippet11/17/2022 11/17/2022 adamtwelve
Add Repair Kits to Repair BenchSnippet11/15/2022 11/15/2022 weteamsteve
Based's AIO Bard TrainerMusicianship11/14/2022 11/13/2022 Based
Ultimate Begging ScriptBegging11/08/2022 11/08/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate archer summoner auto scriptSnippet11/07/2022 11/07/2022 botanic
Evaluate Intelligence Training to 100(magery script swap)EvalInt11/06/2022 11/05/2022 lofiheadchange
IDOC Loot Example Snippet11/05/2022 11/05/2022 Jaseowns
Make sure you trap all your pouchesMagery11/05/2022 11/05/2022 Jaseowns
Cobbled Mining ScriptMining11/05/2022 11/05/2022 Nalco
Skinning Script + Healing LoopForensics11/02/2022 11/02/2022 Jaseowns
Delay Proof FishingFishing11/02/2022 11/02/2022 Tribal Leader
Loot Dump and Resupply by GoapiratSnippet11/01/2022 09/22/2022 Goapirat
Herding for Necro w/ lichesHerding10/31/2022 10/31/2022 Aku
Treasure Goblin Bot (D)Snippet10/30/2022 10/01/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Skill Scroll Tome exploder and counter (find your junk scroll count)Snippet10/29/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Tmap decoder (all map types handled)Cartography10/29/2022 08/31/2022 Jaseowns
Idea about setting skills up/down/lockedSnippet10/27/2022 10/27/2022 Jaseowns
Halloween 2022 - Reaper of Souls mage botMagery10/25/2022 10/25/2022 Jaseowns
Find NPC in Halloween event 2022Snippet10/24/2022 10/24/2022 Jaseowns
Simple Smelt From Backpack And Pack AnimalMining10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Nalco
One hotkey necro nox mage cycle (1)Poisoning10/22/2022 10/13/2022 Jaseowns
One hotkey mage cycle (1)Magery10/22/2022 10/06/2022 Jaseowns
Auto bot tmapper kill dude with tinkeringTinkering10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Improved Picker waiting outside wagon to pick/loot and recall (P)Lockpicking10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
poison necro mage summoner 1 button v1.1 ( work in progress )Magery10/20/2022 10/13/2022 stoned summoner
Automagic Tmapper PickerRemoveTrap10/20/2022 10/20/2022 Jaseowns
Dump all reagents to a container and collect a defined amount to satchel.Magery10/20/2022 10/18/2022 Necromunger
Lurch Ultimate Bulter BotSnippet10/18/2022 09/27/2022 Mags (Avron)
Train Magic Resist (Resisting Spells)MagicResist10/17/2022 10/16/2022 weteamsteve
Switch between Fang and Blackguard fencing codex stanceFencing10/16/2022 10/15/2022 Jaseowns
Necro Make sure you have an earth pet and fire pet and creature summon (P)Necromancy10/15/2022 10/08/2022 Jaseowns
Put your kegs awayAlchemy10/15/2022 10/15/2022 Jaseowns
Bluk Id Unidentified items by using skill, improved versionItemID10/14/2022 10/14/2022 EternallyLight
Bluk move Unidentified item to another container or trade playerItemID10/14/2022 10/14/2022 EternallyLight
Equip GearSnippet10/13/2022 10/13/2022 weteamsteve30
Herding for mage summonerHerding10/12/2022 10/12/2022 EternallyLight
Small potion exampleSnippet10/11/2022 10/11/2022 Jaseowns
Simple retreive arrows from the groundArchery10/11/2022 10/10/2022 Rafa MenyeKalavera
Easy GM necromancyNecromancy10/10/2022 10/10/2022 EternallyLight
Open corpses (no skinning knife)Snippet10/09/2022 10/09/2022 Jaseowns
Shut The Damn DoorSnippet10/08/2022 10/08/2022 Gyvulor
AutoDecipher T-Maps by Goapirat V1Cartography10/08/2022 10/08/2022 Goapirat
Make sure you have an earth pet and water pet (P)Magery10/06/2022 10/04/2022 Jaseowns
Use skinning knife on corpses even if blue Forensics10/05/2022 10/04/2022 Jaseowns
Load runetome or runebook with recall scrolls Snippet10/01/2022 10/01/2022 Jaseowns
vendor catalogSnippet10/01/2022 10/01/2022 nesci
Set stealthis (last object replacement) (ALT-S)Stealing09/29/2022 08/30/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Dungeon Chest Crawler (T)RemoveTrap09/29/2022 09/20/2022 Jaseowns
Find nearby chests (ALT-T)Snippet09/29/2022 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Quickly Use Rope while Teleport Magery09/29/2022 09/29/2022 Jaseowns
All Kill and Herding Herding09/28/2022 01/30/2022 Jaseowns
Party Manager BotSnippet09/27/2022 09/26/2022 Mags (Avron)
Equip your leather Snippet09/27/2022 09/27/2022 Jaseowns
Vendor Search for a specific item (example script)Snippet09/24/2022 09/10/2022 Jaseowns
Interrupt your cast and other scriptsSnippet09/24/2022 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
NecrosisNecromancy09/23/2022 09/23/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Restock QuickSnippet09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Color IndexSnippet09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Chest PickerLockpicking09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Stealth WizStealth09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Extract DistillerAlchemy09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Map DecoderCartography09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
2H or LHSnippet09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
1H or RHSnippet09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Easy HealHealing09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden­čÉ▓
Skinning Loop Forensics09/21/2022 09/21/2022 Jaseowns
Quick Escape Macro (gate, recall, chiv)Snippet09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Roeshambo
Training Cartography and Selling MapsCartography09/17/2022 01/30/2022 Jaseowns
Heal pet with bandagesVeterinary09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Bandage Self SpammableHealing09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Use last target and Peacemake Peacemaking09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Ask Target Monster and PeacemakePeacemaking09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Target Closest Monster and PeacemakePeacemaking09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Use last target and DiscordanceDiscordance09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Ask Target Monster and DiscordanceDiscordance09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Target Closest Monster and Discordance Discordance09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Amish House Butler Snippet09/15/2022 09/13/2022 Jaseowns
Set Last Target helper (overheads target)Snippet09/14/2022 09/14/2022 Jaseowns
Last Object or Last Target helperSnippet09/14/2022 09/14/2022 Jaseowns
Train healing with wizard hat v2.0 Healing09/14/2022 09/14/2022 Jaseowns
Cycle to next page of Codex HotbarSnippet09/14/2022 09/14/2022 Jaseowns
ItemID BotItemID09/13/2022 09/13/2022 nesci
Training Item ID ItemID09/12/2022 03/12/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest work in progressProvocation09/11/2022 08/05/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest Creature and select the next one (ALT-Q)Provocation09/11/2022 08/13/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest Creatures Automatically Single Hotkey (Q)Provocation09/11/2022 08/13/2022 Jaseowns
Train Provocation at the ZooProvocation09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Inscription to 120 - no shelf/stock pileInscribe09/11/2022 09/11/2022 SpicyShinigami
Get Label of Instrument Musicianship09/11/2022 07/10/2022 Jaseowns
Train Provocation in Shelter Island Provocation09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Train Discordance in Shelter Island Discordance09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Train Discordance at the ZooDiscordance09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Search Player Vendor and Prompt to Buy Item Snippet09/10/2022 09/10/2022 Jaseowns
Train Taste IdentificationTasteID09/09/2022 02/06/2022 Jaseowns
Simple MinerJackerLumberjacking09/08/2022 09/08/2022 Traston
Simple MinerJackerMining09/08/2022 09/08/2022 Traston
Search Vendor for Specific ItemSnippet09/08/2022 09/08/2022 Jaseowns
Drink a full jug of ciderSnippet09/06/2022 09/06/2022 Jaseowns
Peace making example Peacemaking09/01/2022 09/01/2022 Jaseowns
Simple Overhead DescriptionSnippet09/01/2022 09/01/2022 Jaseowns
Eat Mushroom (with cooldown display)Magery08/30/2022 08/30/2022 Isc4riot
Rename Summon Example (earth elemental)Magery08/30/2022 08/30/2022 Jaseowns
Set Trapped Loot Pouch and move weapon into pouch or take it outSnippet08/28/2022 08/28/2022 Jaseowns
Move Regs to your satchelMagery08/28/2022 08/28/2022 Jaseowns
Find right hand weapon and overhead itSnippet08/27/2022 08/27/2022 Jaseowns
Pick up cotton candy at the kings faireSnippet08/25/2022 08/25/2022 Jaseowns
Enter Rental RoomSnippet08/25/2022 08/25/2022 Aphlux
Set Snoop Backpack by TargetSnooping08/23/2022 07/14/2022 Jaseowns
Opens the snoop target backpackSnooping08/23/2022 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Auto Snoop Pouches (tries to pop reds)Snooping08/23/2022 07/17/2022 Jaseowns
Move bolts and arrows to your quiverArchery08/21/2022 08/21/2022 Jaseowns
Yottawatts's Gold Drop ScriptSnippet08/19/2022 08/14/2022 Yottawatts
Yottawatts's ULTIMATE 2Hander Healing ScriptSnippet08/19/2022 08/10/2022 Yottawatts
Bard Organization by saving current Instrument Snippet08/15/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Loot Bag HiderSnippet08/14/2022 08/11/2022 Areolys
YottawattsSnippet08/10/2022 07/25/2022 Yottawatts
Move trapped pouches to top left backpackSnippet08/10/2022 08/10/2022 Jaseowns
Drop a stool (chuckle)Snippet08/09/2022 08/09/2022 Jaseowns
Startup Bard FarmingSnippet08/09/2022 08/09/2022 Huey
Train Detect HiddenDetectHidden08/08/2022 08/07/2022 whiskeywalt
Place explosion trap and detonate Tinkering08/08/2022 08/08/2022 Jaseowns
Peacemake only hostile target Peacemaking08/05/2022 08/05/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest Creature and select the next oneProvocation08/05/2022 08/05/2022 Jaseowns
Test server clothing, hue and pet finderSnippet08/04/2022 08/03/2022 Isc4riot
Thief Master Training (Snooping, Stealing, Hiding and Stealth)Stealing08/03/2022 07/12/2022 Ledes
Loot Goblin Gold ExampleSnippet08/03/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Bard Buff hotkeySnippet08/03/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Vendor Dump to LogsSnippet08/01/2022 03/27/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Siv's Map DecoderCartography07/23/2022 02/01/2022 Siv
Two hander to one hander all in one potion scriptSnippet07/22/2022 07/22/2022 Jaseowns
Noble Sacrifice on selfChivalry07/21/2022 07/19/2022 Jaseowns
Keep using item id until successItemID07/21/2022 07/19/2022 Jaseowns
Shelf ShifterSnippet07/21/2022 07/19/2022 sifMoo
Escape runetome using recall charge Snippet07/20/2022 07/20/2022 Jaseowns
Sword and Shield Dexxer Healing Loop (removes shield to drink pots)Parry07/19/2022 07/19/2022 Jaseowns
Two handed dexxer healing loop w/ one hand potion swapHealing07/19/2022 07/19/2022 Jaseowns
Quick weapon swap from two to one handed Snippet07/19/2022 07/19/2022 Jaseowns
Example of checking if something is equippedSnippet07/19/2022 07/19/2022 Jaseowns
Move Unidentified ItemsItemID07/18/2022 07/18/2022 Jaseowns
Recall with Detect Hidden check after 2s delaySnippet07/18/2022 04/14/2022 Brozan (Syal)
House Ban BotDetectHidden07/18/2022 02/22/2022 Jaseowns
Train Snooping to 100Snooping07/17/2022 07/17/2022 Juvos Luax
Copy RunetomeSnippet07/17/2022 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
Weapon SwitchSnippet07/17/2022 02/12/2022 FewUnderstandThis
Basic Weapon swap for PvP Snippet07/17/2022 06/28/2022 Kerrigan-Blades
Drink Strength if Overweight (with two hand check)Snippet07/17/2022 02/11/2022 FewUnderstandThis
Pwnstarr Question about Rope v2.0Snippet07/17/2022 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Pwnstarr Question about RopeSnippet07/17/2022 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Dexxer Script with heal checksHealing07/17/2022 07/17/2022 Jaseowns
How to check for diseaseSnippet07/17/2022 07/17/2022 Jaseowns
Search lastobject for un-trapped pouch Stealing07/15/2022 07/11/2022 Jaseowns
Training Musicianship, Discordance and PeacemakingPeacemaking07/12/2022 07/12/2022 Ledes
Hiding/Stealth or Stealth when ReadyStealth07/12/2022 07/12/2022 Ledes
tranq's Gate EscapeSnippet07/06/2022 07/05/2022 tranq
tranq's aspect switcherSnippet07/05/2022 07/05/2022 tranq
Training FishingFishing07/02/2022 07/02/2022 Jaseowns
Auto healer assistant (Bandage + Potion)Healing06/26/2022 05/14/2022 Pickleback
Drink all potions with one hotkeyAlchemy06/18/2022 06/18/2022 Jaseowns
Open Dungeon Chest or Treasure Map ChestLockpicking06/14/2022 05/14/2022 Jaseowns
Train healing with wizard hatHealing06/11/2022 04/11/2022 tranq
VetTankOptionVeterinary06/11/2022 06/10/2022 Xyio
Shelter Dungeon Magery to 75Magery06/08/2022 06/08/2022 whiskeywalt
Newbie Guard BotParry05/31/2022 05/30/2022 Jaseowns
House DumpSnippet05/17/2022 05/17/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Tmap Chest Pick & LootLockpicking05/14/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason
Spirit Speak- No RegsSpiritSpeak05/13/2022 05/13/2022 whiskeywalt
Decode maps from one container and deposit in anotherCartography05/13/2022 05/13/2022 Pickleback
Boat Bot v4.1aSnippet05/10/2022 02/23/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Herding at Prevalia ZooHerding05/07/2022 05/07/2022 whiskeywalt
Restock All Tmap ItemsSnippet05/06/2022 02/08/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Ultimate Lumberjack ScriptLumberjacking05/04/2022 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
Training Magery to 100 using shelfMagery05/02/2022 05/02/2022 Jaseowns
Taming TrainerAnimalTaming04/26/2022 04/26/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Trap empty pouches Magery04/23/2022 04/23/2022 Jaseowns
Skinning made easyForensics04/21/2022 04/21/2022 Jaseowns
Cancel Current Target or SpellSnippet04/19/2022 04/19/2022 Jaseowns
Eject from HouseSnippet04/19/2022 04/19/2022 Jaseowns
Hide, Stealth, ShootArchery04/15/2022 04/12/2022 Dante Alexander Da'hart
Simple Warmode Turn off ArcheryArchery04/15/2022 04/11/2022 Dante Alexander Da'hart
Training Magery to 100 - no healingMagery04/13/2022 04/13/2022 Jaseowns
Crafting Queue Alchemy HelperAlchemy04/13/2022 04/03/2022 Jaseowns
Spell CyclerSnippet04/08/2022 04/08/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Meditation using wizards hatMeditation04/06/2022 04/06/2022 SnilleBlixt
High gain spirit speakSpiritSpeak04/05/2022 04/05/2022 SnilleBlixt
Training Cooking to 120Cooking04/05/2022 04/03/2022 Jaseowns
Auto RailsSnippet04/03/2022 04/03/2022 Xyio
Vendor Log Dump ReaderSnippet03/27/2022 03/27/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Stealth Backstab TimerStealth03/24/2022 03/24/2022 Jaseowns
Stealth WizStealth03/24/2022 03/24/2022 Jaseowns
Loot / Check BuffsSnippet03/19/2022 03/19/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Auto Dungeon or TMap ChestSnippet03/18/2022 03/18/2022 FewUnderstandThis
Dub / Boat Log ParserSnippet03/18/2022 03/18/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Train stealing with pack animalStealing03/18/2022 03/17/2022 raveX99
Escape through gateSnippet03/17/2022 03/17/2022 Jaseowns
Healing Loop - Only instant effectsHealing03/16/2022 03/16/2022 Brozan (Syal)
GTFO v2Snippet03/15/2022 02/09/2022 FewUnderstandThis
Complete SpellbookSnippet03/13/2022 03/13/2022 FewUnderstandThis
Lore Page OrganizerSnippet03/13/2022 03/13/2022 FewUnderstandThis
ID all items and sort themSnippet03/12/2022 03/12/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Escape runebook using recall chargeSnippet03/11/2022 03/11/2022 Jaseowns
HealingHealing03/09/2022 03/09/2022 roger
Dispel Water ElementalMagery03/09/2022 03/09/2022 Jaseowns
Poison_CurrentWeaponPoisoning03/09/2022 03/08/2022 Chase
Dump Boating LootSnippet03/05/2022 02/17/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Smelt Ore and Convert Logs to BoardsSnippet03/05/2022 03/01/2022 Jaseowns
Move Full Kegs to Different Container Snippet03/04/2022 03/04/2022 Jaseowns
Organize Unidentified SpellbooksSnippet03/04/2022 03/04/2022 Jaseowns
Loot Drop OffSnippet03/04/2022 03/04/2022 Jaseowns
Spyglass For Boats with Blue Boat DetectionTracking03/03/2022 02/09/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Dock ShipSnippet03/03/2022 03/03/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Poison Equipped WeaponPoisoning03/03/2022 03/03/2022 Jaseowns
Training Poisoning with no shelfPoisoning02/27/2022 02/27/2022 Jaseowns
Taming TrainerAnimalTaming02/25/2022 02/24/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Train HidingHiding02/23/2022 02/23/2022 Jaseowns
Train HerdingHerding02/15/2022 02/15/2022 Jaseowns
Copy RunebookSnippet02/14/2022 02/14/2022 Jaseowns
Chivalry Gate BotChivalry02/10/2022 02/10/2022 Jaseowns
Summon Earth Elemental 90-GM MageryMagery02/09/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason
Gate ClickerSnippet02/09/2022 02/09/2022 Brozan (Syal)