Ultima Online Razor Scripts for the Outlands server

This site is designed with the Ultima Online community in mind, if you'd like to see any additional changes please reach out! Join the Discord and check out the Script Supporters.

Are you new to scripting?

Check out Jaseowns on YouTube or view the written guides on this site. Below are also the two external wikis to learn more:

Razor Community Edition - Scripting Overview

Razor Outlands Specific - Outlands Wiki

Latest Update

December 10th 2023 - Updates

  • Improved the layout of the left menu (hopefully)
  • New button for adding your own script
  • Limit format for bigger scripts, this new cut off is currently at 130000 character length
  • Clicking your username after you login sends you to your own scripts
  • Preparing site for potential paywall
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What is UO Outlands?

This video explains a bit about Ultima Online and more details about the Outlands verison of the game.