Jaseowns Hotkeys

I try and reference the hotkeys I use while I'm playing on stream (and sometimes to myself).. here is a list of common hotkeys I use. I will make this more dynamic one day (haha at my future self)

CTRL SHFT OOrganize and Drop Off ScriptPuts all types of loot away and restocks our character
MEscape Through GateSucks us into a gate so easily!
ALT MRecall Home (Tome or Book)Recalls to my house with magery, regs, or scrolls
RRecall to next rune in bookRecalls to each rune in a book - easy farming
IItem Recycle while FarmingUses a wand or item id skill plus a kit to recycle
LLifty LootOpens own corpses and auto loot your loot, items set from CTRL SHFT O