Scripts for Lockpicking

There are currently 12 scripts related to Lockpicking.

Lockpicking Using Restock (T8 Edition)Lockpicking12/08/2023 12/08/2023 neverstopswing
Lockpicking using RestockLockpicking12/08/2023 11/15/2023 neverstopswing
Recall, Recycle & RestockLockpicking11/26/2023 11/17/2023 neverstopswing
Restock 10Lockpicking11/26/2023 11/16/2023 neverstopswing
Lockpick with Lockpick Training Box and Detect Hidden Shelter IslandLockpicking08/31/2023 08/31/2023 fijiwiji
Small Paragon Chest Opener 2.0Lockpicking05/04/2023 04/30/2023 weteamsteve
Train Lockpicking and Remove Trap with shelf restockLockpicking02/09/2023 02/07/2022 Jaseowns
Improved Picker waiting outside wagon to pick/loot and recall (P)Lockpicking10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Chest PickerLockpicking09/21/2022 09/21/2022 AreYouKidden🐲
Open Dungeon Chest or Treasure Map ChestLockpicking06/14/2022 05/14/2022 Jaseowns
Tmap Chest Pick & LootLockpicking05/14/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason
Small Paragon Chest OpenerLockpicking01/31/2022 01/31/2022 Brozan (Syal)

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