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Animal Lore Helper - gotta catch them all (3)AnimalLore09/29/2023 09/22/2023 Jaseowns
Organize and Drop Off Script (Control Shift O)Snippet09/28/2023 12/28/2022 Jaseowns
Become an evil tamer pkSnippet09/26/2023 09/14/2023 Jaseowns
Dexxer tamer bot (pretty good) (1) AnimalTaming09/26/2023 08/24/2023 Jaseowns
Mage Bot w/ TamerAnimalTaming09/15/2023 09/14/2023 daklue
Bestiary Prof 1.0AnimalTaming09/07/2023 09/07/2023 AreYouKidden🐲
Animal Taming Script by DaKlue V1.0.2AnimalTaming09/07/2023 09/03/2023 daklue
Setup our Pet variable for Tamer Snippet08/31/2023 08/31/2023 Jaseowns
Mod: Mage Bot v10.1.0 by Daklue Herding spamableSnippet08/27/2023 08/27/2023 daklue
Train Veterinary to your max skillVeterinary08/25/2023 08/25/2023 Jaseowns
Train Veterinary to 80 in Shelter IslandVeterinary08/24/2023 08/24/2023 Jaseowns
Kings Faire 2023 Auto BotSnippet08/19/2023 08/19/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord Tamer Autobot Hotkey (1)Magery08/19/2023 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Easy Pull using Mage Bot Summons Snippet08/12/2023 08/12/2023 Jaseowns
Shelter Dungeon Animal Taming AnimalTaming08/05/2023 08/01/2023 Jaseowns
Disco, Peace, Music and Animal LoreAnimalLore08/03/2023 08/03/2023 sauron_edithe
Animal Taming ScriptAnimalTaming08/02/2023 08/01/2023 daklue
jase test health pet check animal loreAnimalLore07/11/2023 07/11/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Auto Dexxer Hotkey (1)Tactics07/11/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
Auto Bard Provo Dexxer Bot (NEW 7/5/2023)Provocation07/06/2023 07/06/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Res PetVeterinary06/20/2023 06/20/2023 Jaseowns
Select a target to herd and discordDiscordance06/11/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Train Herding, Spirit Speak and Necromancy from 80 to 120Necromancy05/04/2023 05/04/2023 DoubleDuke
Auto-Taming Script ( 04/28/2023 [BB] Khal Draco
Item names and serialsSnippet04/28/2023 04/28/2023 Nevor
Ultimate Summoner Hotkey Choose Your SummonsMagery03/25/2023 03/25/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Cure Pet for Tamer (ALT-V)Veterinary03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Heal Pet for Tamer (V) - will also resVeterinary03/02/2023 02/28/2023 Jaseowns
Train VeterinaryVeterinary02/27/2023 02/24/2023 nkr
Re-summon Earth ElementalSpiritSpeak02/14/2023 02/14/2023 initsu
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord + Peacemaking w/ Buffs Autobot HotkeyMagery01/17/2023 01/17/2023 dave5678
Poison NecromancerNecromancy01/03/2023 12/29/2022 Aeos
Uo Autobot Necro Mage summon script by jaseowns with Hellzy editsNecromancy01/03/2023 12/31/2022 liveonce
Vendor Restock ScriptSnippet12/20/2022 03/31/2022 Mustang
Auto Chiv Dexxer/TamerChivalry12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Hayes
jaseowns Auto Necro Summoner flexibility editMagery12/15/2022 12/14/2022 Hayes
Willobe's edit of Jaseowns Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro script With Summon logicNecromancy12/12/2022 11/19/2022 Willobe
Herding for Necro w/ lichesHerding10/31/2022 10/31/2022 Aku
Tmap decoder (all map types handled)Cartography10/29/2022 08/31/2022 Jaseowns
Halloween 2022 - Reaper of Souls mage botMagery10/25/2022 10/25/2022 Jaseowns
Herding for mage summonerHerding10/12/2022 10/12/2022 EternallyLight
All Kill and Herding Herding09/28/2022 01/30/2022 Jaseowns
Heal pet with bandagesVeterinary09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
VetTankOptionVeterinary06/11/2022 06/10/2022 Xyio
Boat Bot v4.1aSnippet05/10/2022 02/23/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Herding at Prevalia ZooHerding05/07/2022 05/07/2022 whiskeywalt
Taming TrainerAnimalTaming04/26/2022 04/26/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Healing Loop - Only instant effectsHealing03/16/2022 03/16/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Taming TrainerAnimalTaming02/25/2022 02/24/2022 Brozan (Syal)
Train HerdingHerding02/15/2022 02/15/2022 Jaseowns
Siv's Taming TrainerAnimalTaming02/01/2022 02/01/2022 Siv
Tame OutlandsAnimalTaming01/31/2022 01/31/2022 Ace Mason
Training Animal LoreAnimalLore01/30/2022 01/30/2022 Jaseowns

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