Jaseowns Arcane Build

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The build:

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Arcane Stream Highlights

Just a review of the first three weeks of the Wildlands expansion

Jaseowns Wildlands Arcane Addict Mage

What does the script handle?

  • Pure Arcane Mage (no summons)
  • Poison Mages (with or without necro)
  • Summoner (needs at least 80 spirit speak) - automatically summons pets (requires 5 followers)
  • Tamer (you need to manually set your pet in the script)
  • Necro abilities for Pure mage or Summoner
  • Two Bard abilities (needs at least 50 in peace or discord)


  • Warmode is fighting/surviving, Peace is surviving.
  • You choose your spells, summons, abilities and mana preferences at the top half of the script


  • Still a ton to do/improve but I'm too addicted to Arcane to play other builds atm

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The script:

I support the channel and want the script Jase!