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Bandage Self Combat Loop by Jaseowns

# Bandage Self Combat Loop by Jaseowns # UO Outlands # This only does heal with bandages, and drinks heals or cures based on your set threshold. Super Simple Dexxer if not timerexists "healpot" createtimer "healpot" settimer "healpot" 8000 endif @setvar! chomrik_HitPointDrinkHealPotion 45 @setvar! chomrik_HitPointDrinkCurePotion 60 while not dead if findtype "clean bandage%s%" backpack if hp < maxhp if hp <= chomrik_HitPointDrinkHealPotion if findtype "Yellow Potion" backpack if timer "healpot" >= 8000 overhead 'Drinking heal!' potion "heal" wait 200 settimer "healpot" 0 endif else overhead 'Out of heals!' 34 endif endif if poisoned and hp <= chomrik_HitPointDrinkCurePotion if findtype "Orange Potion" backpack overhead 'Drinking cures!' potion "cure" wait 200 else overhead 'Out of cures!' 34 endif endif if not targetexists and not bandaging and findtype "clean bandage%s%" backpack hotkey "Bandage Self" wait 200 endif endif else overhead "No aids!" 34 endif wait 500 endwhile