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Animal Lore Helper - gotta catch them all (3)AnimalLore09/29/2023 09/22/2023 Jaseowns
Organize and Drop Off Script (Control Shift O)Snippet09/28/2023 12/28/2022 Jaseowns
Lifty Loot SetterSnippet09/28/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Easy pz tracking helper for botsTracking09/28/2023 09/28/2023 Jaseowns
Become an evil tamer pkSnippet09/26/2023 09/14/2023 Jaseowns
Dexxer tamer bot (pretty good) (1) AnimalTaming09/26/2023 08/24/2023 Jaseowns
Setup our Pet variable for Tamer Snippet08/31/2023 08/31/2023 Jaseowns
Kings Faire 2023 Auto BotSnippet08/19/2023 08/19/2023 Jaseowns
Kings Faire 2023 Get a Balloon and EquipSnippet08/19/2023 08/19/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Magery Summoner Nox Necro Discord Tamer Autobot Hotkey (1)Magery08/19/2023 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Pickup lotto loot Snippet08/18/2023 08/18/2023 Jaseowns
Click nearest map (ALT-U)Snippet08/12/2023 06/24/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Pull using Mage Bot Summons Snippet08/12/2023 08/12/2023 Jaseowns
Move pouches to pretty cornerSnippet08/12/2023 08/12/2023 Jaseowns
Shelter Dungeon Animal Taming AnimalTaming08/05/2023 08/01/2023 Jaseowns
Automatically accept all the societiesSnippet08/05/2023 08/05/2023 Jaseowns
Lock or unlock your lockable loot boxSnippet08/01/2023 08/01/2023 Jaseowns
Attack Nearest with Halberd and Swap to Katana (V)Swords07/25/2023 07/20/2023 Jaseowns
Bless and Protection BotInscribe07/22/2023 07/22/2023 Jaseowns
Mugger Bot Snippet07/20/2023 07/20/2023 Jaseowns
Shadow Weapon Swap ExampleSnippet07/20/2023 07/20/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Hide or Stealth (A)Stealth07/18/2023 07/18/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate SmokeBomb Script with CooldownHiding07/15/2023 07/15/2023 Jaseowns
Jaseowns Cooldown.xml fileSnippet07/15/2023 12/13/2022 Jaseowns
SmokeBomb cooldown.xmlSnippet07/15/2023 07/15/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Thief TrainerStealing07/13/2023 07/13/2023 Jaseowns
Simple and Improved Ban BotSnippet07/13/2023 07/13/2023 Jaseowns
jase test health pet check animal loreAnimalLore07/11/2023 07/11/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Auto Dexxer Hotkey (1)Tactics07/11/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Script - Base ScriptMining07/11/2023 02/16/2022 Jaseowns
combine stacks of gold so they are prettySnippet07/10/2023 07/06/2023 Jaseowns
Auto Bard Provo Dexxer Bot (NEW 7/5/2023)Provocation07/06/2023 07/06/2023 Jaseowns
Drop gold and put hands up Snippet06/27/2023 06/27/2023 Jaseowns
Cooldown Triggers for Detective LensDetectHidden06/27/2023 06/27/2023 Jaseowns
One key to recall to next rune in book (R)Snippet06/24/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Go to town center Test CenterSnippet06/24/2023 05/23/2023 Jaseowns
Easy Res PetVeterinary06/20/2023 06/20/2023 Jaseowns
Move potions from stockpile to shelfSnippet06/20/2023 06/20/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Cooldown XML file - all skills in one cooldownSnippet06/18/2023 12/01/2022 Jaseowns
Select a target to herd and discordDiscordance06/11/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Move leather sets into bagsSnippet06/10/2023 06/10/2023 Jaseowns
Cast psn on all nearby mobsPoisoning06/08/2023 06/08/2023 Jaseowns
Sheer sheep, wheel wool, loom yarn Tailoring06/01/2023 10/13/2022 Jaseowns
Drop an item in the trashSnippet06/01/2023 06/01/2023 Jaseowns
Drop gold if overweightSnippet06/01/2023 06/01/2023 Jaseowns
Pop a pouch if paralyzed (V) Magery05/25/2023 05/25/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Recall using Tome or Book as Escape (ALT-M)Magery05/23/2023 09/15/2022 Jaseowns
TAILOR: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesTailoring05/09/2023 02/05/2023 Jaseowns
Move Runes from Rune Tome to another rune TomeSnippet05/02/2023 05/02/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Miner - Moving South (Number-pad 1) Mining04/23/2023 04/23/2023 Jaseowns
Placing Explosion Traps down and blowing them up Tinkering04/18/2023 10/15/2022 Jaseowns
ripkitty Swing Speed TesterSnippet04/18/2023 04/18/2023 Jaseowns
Example of lift/dropSnippet04/18/2023 04/18/2023 Jaseowns
BLACKSMITH: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesBlacksmith04/15/2023 02/11/2023 Jaseowns
CARPENTRY: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesCarpentry04/15/2023 04/15/2023 Jaseowns
ALCHEMY: Automatic Setup of Crafting Queue for SocietiesAlchemy04/13/2023 04/13/2023 Jaseowns
Screen shot taker - Test Center HelperSnippet04/11/2023 04/11/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Ingot Drop OffMining03/28/2023 03/28/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Miner - Standing Still (Number-pad 0)Mining03/28/2023 03/28/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Mining Smelter ScriptMining03/28/2023 03/28/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Summoner Hotkey Choose Your SummonsMagery03/25/2023 03/25/2023 Jaseowns
Move Purple pot from shelf to restock pileSnippet03/21/2023 03/21/2023 Jaseowns
Use a cleansing brew but only if you are bleeding or diseasedAlchemy03/09/2023 03/09/2023 Jaseowns
InfoGrabber Razor ScriptSnippet03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
InfoGrabber Client MacroSnippet03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Cure Pet for Tamer (ALT-V)Veterinary03/07/2023 03/07/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Heal Pet for Tamer (V) - will also resVeterinary03/02/2023 02/28/2023 Jaseowns
Use Rope and Teleport (slower)Snippet02/26/2023 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Snippet for moving logs to trapped pouchLumberjacking02/23/2023 02/23/2023 Jaseowns
Organize all our dungeon loot Snippet02/21/2023 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Train Blacksmith script (old style)Blacksmith02/21/2023 02/21/2023 Jaseowns
Open any untrapped pouches on character (shift o)Snippet02/20/2023 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Jase Self Heal (E) - Town struggle learningsMagery02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Strangelands Dexxer BotSnippet02/19/2023 02/18/2023 Jaseowns
Enter strange lands when it startsSnippet02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Lifty Loot (L) open own corpses and auto loot your loot Snippet02/19/2023 02/19/2023 Jaseowns
Little script to check your EventScore Snippet02/18/2023 02/18/2023 Jaseowns
Target Next Red and send in pets (ALT-4)Snippet02/18/2023 12/24/2022 Jaseowns
Use Rope and kick back on auto dexxer after selection Snippet02/09/2023 02/09/2023 Jaseowns
New player bank drop off and restock scriptSnippet02/07/2023 02/07/2023 Jaseowns
WIP: Auto SocietiesSnippet02/04/2023 02/04/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Hiding Script Hiding01/31/2023 01/31/2023 Jaseowns
Auto Hide and then Steal near closest mobStealing01/31/2023 01/31/2023 Jaseowns
Basic Heal to start bandageHealing01/29/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
PK Getaway Script for Mages (2)Snippet01/28/2023 10/27/2022 Jaseowns
Easy Discordance / Peacemaking HotkeyMusicianship01/21/2023 01/21/2023 Jaseowns
Ultimate Quick Escape through gate (M)Snippet01/17/2023 07/22/2022 Jaseowns
Basic Heal and Chivalry abilities to healChivalry01/17/2023 01/03/2023 Jaseowns
All Potions that handles all weapon typesSnippet01/17/2023 01/14/2023 Jaseowns
Long Duration Buffs HotkeyCamping01/17/2023 01/05/2023 Jaseowns
Steal stealthis (last object replacement steal) (S)Stealing01/17/2023 08/30/2022 Jaseowns
Unorganized bag trollSnippet01/12/2023 01/12/2023 Jaseowns
Potion Buffs: Handle all weapon typesAlchemy01/10/2023 01/07/2023 Jaseowns
mnightsalamillama has to pee poker checker Snippet01/07/2023 01/07/2023 Jaseowns
Spin to win (in a circle)Snippet12/30/2022 10/29/2022 Jaseowns
Check if target is playerSnippet12/24/2022 12/24/2022 Jaseowns
Target Example (Scroll Wheel Down)Snippet12/19/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Setup your wizard grimoire Auto BotSnippet12/17/2022 12/17/2022 Jaseowns
Dispel a wall of stone exampleMagery12/15/2022 12/15/2022 Jaseowns
Proof of concept pvp (4)Magery12/15/2022 12/06/2022 Jaseowns
Break and Weaken PVP (ALT-A)Magery12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Dynamically set a hotbag for organizerSnippet12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Equip a halberd PVPSnippet12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
Heal Buster PVP (A)Magery12/10/2022 12/10/2022 Jaseowns
OCD your items into a bagSnippet12/09/2022 11/17/2022 Jaseowns
Smart Magic Arrow PVPMagery12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Helper Script for Knowing Target TypeSnippet12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Explosion Potion (B)Alchemy12/08/2022 12/08/2022 Jaseowns
Pretty Bag Item StackSnippet12/06/2022 12/06/2022 Jaseowns
Simplified Lumberjacking to avoid thievesLumberjacking12/01/2022 12/01/2022 Jaseowns
Shovel soil shitSnippet11/29/2022 11/29/2022 Jaseowns
Plant a plantTasteID11/29/2022 11/10/2022 Jaseowns
Cooldown for thief xml fileSnippet11/19/2022 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Open any pouches that have itemsSnippet11/19/2022 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Example of cooldown Snippet11/19/2022 11/19/2022 Jaseowns
Put bandages inside your empty red pouchesSnippet11/17/2022 11/17/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Begging ScriptBegging11/08/2022 11/08/2022 Jaseowns
IDOC Loot Example Snippet11/05/2022 11/05/2022 Jaseowns
Make sure you trap all your pouchesMagery11/05/2022 11/05/2022 Jaseowns
Treasure Goblin Bot (D)Snippet10/30/2022 10/01/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Skill Scroll Tome exploder and counter (find your junk scroll count)Snippet10/29/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Idea about setting skills up/down/lockedSnippet10/27/2022 10/27/2022 Jaseowns
Halloween 2022 - Reaper of Souls mage botMagery10/25/2022 10/25/2022 Jaseowns
One hotkey necro nox mage cycle (1)Poisoning10/22/2022 10/13/2022 Jaseowns
One hotkey mage cycle (1)Magery10/22/2022 10/06/2022 Jaseowns
Auto bot tmapper kill dude with tinkeringTinkering10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Improved Picker waiting outside wagon to pick/loot and recall (P)Lockpicking10/22/2022 10/22/2022 Jaseowns
Automagic Tmapper PickerRemoveTrap10/20/2022 10/20/2022 Jaseowns
Necro Make sure you have an earth pet and fire pet and creature summon (P)Necromancy10/15/2022 10/08/2022 Jaseowns
Put your kegs awayAlchemy10/15/2022 10/15/2022 Jaseowns
Small potion exampleSnippet10/11/2022 10/11/2022 Jaseowns
Make sure you have an earth pet and water pet (P)Magery10/06/2022 10/04/2022 Jaseowns
Use skinning knife on corpses even if blue Forensics10/05/2022 10/04/2022 Jaseowns
Load runetome or runebook with recall scrolls Snippet10/01/2022 10/01/2022 Jaseowns
Set stealthis (last object replacement) (ALT-S)Stealing09/29/2022 08/30/2022 Jaseowns
Ultimate Dungeon Chest Crawler (T)RemoveTrap09/29/2022 09/20/2022 Jaseowns
Find nearby chests (ALT-T)Snippet09/29/2022 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Equip your leather Snippet09/27/2022 09/27/2022 Jaseowns
Vendor Search for a specific item (example script)Snippet09/24/2022 09/10/2022 Jaseowns
Interrupt your cast and other scriptsSnippet09/24/2022 09/24/2022 Jaseowns
Bandage Self SpammableHealing09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Use last target and Peacemake Peacemaking09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Ask Target Monster and PeacemakePeacemaking09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Target Closest Monster and PeacemakePeacemaking09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Use last target and DiscordanceDiscordance09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Ask Target Monster and DiscordanceDiscordance09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Target Closest Monster and Discordance Discordance09/17/2022 09/17/2022 Jaseowns
Amish House Butler Snippet09/15/2022 09/13/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest work in progressProvocation09/11/2022 08/05/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest Creature and select the next one (ALT-Q)Provocation09/11/2022 08/13/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest Creatures Automatically Single Hotkey (Q)Provocation09/11/2022 08/13/2022 Jaseowns
Train Provocation at the ZooProvocation09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Get Label of Instrument Musicianship09/11/2022 07/10/2022 Jaseowns
Train Provocation in Shelter Island Provocation09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Train Discordance in Shelter Island Discordance09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Train Discordance at the ZooDiscordance09/11/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Search Player Vendor and Prompt to Buy Item Snippet09/10/2022 09/10/2022 Jaseowns
Search Vendor for Specific ItemSnippet09/08/2022 09/08/2022 Jaseowns
Drink a full jug of ciderSnippet09/06/2022 09/06/2022 Jaseowns
Peace making example Peacemaking09/01/2022 09/01/2022 Jaseowns
Simple Overhead DescriptionSnippet09/01/2022 09/01/2022 Jaseowns
Set Snoop Backpack by TargetSnooping08/23/2022 07/14/2022 Jaseowns
Opens the snoop target backpackSnooping08/23/2022 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Auto Snoop Pouches (tries to pop reds)Snooping08/23/2022 07/17/2022 Jaseowns
Move bolts and arrows to your quiverArchery08/21/2022 08/21/2022 Jaseowns
Bard Organization by saving current Instrument Snippet08/15/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Peacemake only hostile target Peacemaking08/05/2022 08/05/2022 Jaseowns
Provoke Nearest Creature and select the next oneProvocation08/05/2022 08/05/2022 Jaseowns
Loot Goblin Gold ExampleSnippet08/03/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Bard Buff hotkeySnippet08/03/2022 08/03/2022 Jaseowns
Pwnstarr Question about Rope v2.0Snippet07/17/2022 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Pwnstarr Question about RopeSnippet07/17/2022 07/16/2022 Jaseowns
Dexxer Script with heal checksHealing07/17/2022 07/17/2022 Jaseowns
How to check for diseaseSnippet07/17/2022 07/17/2022 Jaseowns
Search lastobject for un-trapped pouch Stealing07/15/2022 07/11/2022 Jaseowns

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