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Lockpicking Using Restock (T8 Edition) by neverstopswing

Description: You need to specify your mastery chain that has an open slot. You will need pouches in your inventory (the intention is to drop into Trapped Pouches for the millisecond it hasn't hit the chain yet)

@setvar PauseTime 750 @setvar chain SERIALNUMBERHERE @clearsysmsg if findtype "metal chest|wooden chest" ground -1 -1 2 as LockedBox @setvar 'LockCheck' 0 dclick chain wait PauseTime dclick LockedBox if not hidden cast 'Invisibility' wft target self endif pause PauseTime if insysmsg 'It appears to be locked' @setvar 'LockCheck' 1 endif if 'LockCheck' = 1 gumpresponse 4 overhead 'Picking Lock..' 20 pause 200 while not insysmsg 'You successfully pick the lock.' if insysmsg 'You make some progress on the lock.' overhead 'Progress!' 88 pause 200 @clearsysmsg endif if insysmsg 'You fail to make any progress on the lock' overhead 'Failed!' 32 pause 200 @clearsysmsg endif endwhile overhead 'Picking Success!' 63 endif if 'LockCheck' = 0 overhead 'Chest not Locked!' 32 endif while findtype 'chain link' LockedBox as link if findtype 'pouch' backpack as pouch lift link drop pouch gumpresponse 9 endif endwhile restock 10 waitfortarget target LockedBox pause PauseTime while findtype "metal chest|wooden chest" ground -1 -1 2 as LockedBox getlabel LockedBox desc2 if '(0 items, 0 stones)' in desc2 menu LockedBox 1 target clear if weight < 464 if weight < 394 hotkey 'Recall' overhead 'Recalling!' waitfortarget targettype 'runetome' endif if weight >= 394 hotkey 'Drink Strength' wait 1000 hotkey 'Recall' overhead 'Recalling!' waitfortarget targettype 'runetome' endif endif if weight >= 464 overhead 'Too heavy to recall!' hotkey 'Gate Travel' overhead 'Gating' waitfortarget targettype 'runetome' wait 100 if findtype 3948 'ground' 0 1 2 as 'bluegate' dclick 'bluegate' waitforgump 3899019871 gumpresponse 2 cast 'Dispel Field' waitfortarget target self endif endif endif endwhile endif