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Training Inscription using Crafting Queue but Recylce Wizard Hat into Stock Pile by Jaseowns

Description: Use the crafting queue but when you get to 100+ skill you want to use a magic wizard hat. That does not get recycled by the crafting queue so this script helps cut the hats up and put the cloth back on the stock pile.

# Recycle Wizard Hat by Jaseowns # UO Outlands # Training Inscription, Restock Cloth into Stock Pile if findtype "scissors" backpack as jaseowns_Cutters while not dead if findtype 5912 backpack 0 as jaseowns_WizardHat overhead "Recycle!" 89 dclick jaseowns_Cutters wft 500 target jaseowns_WizardHat endif wait 500 if findtype 5990 backpack 0 as jaseowns_CutCloth if findtype "resource container" ground -1 -1 2 as jaseowns_StockPile menu jaseowns_StockPile 0 wft 500 target jaseowns_CutCloth endif endif endwhile endif