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Long Duration Buffs Hotkey by Jaseowns

# Long Duration Buffs Hotkey by Jaseowns # UO Outlands @setvar! minimumWaitForPing 200 # Eat food if we got it if not findbuff "food" and findtype "tray" backpack as jood overhead "Eating Food" 88 dclick jood wait minimumWaitForPing endif # Use Taste ID if possible if skill "Taste Identification" >= 50 and not findbuff "herb" useskill 'tasteidentification' wft 500 target backpack endif if skill "Camping" > 0 if not findbuff "campfire" overhead "Camping Buff" 88 while not findtype "campfire" ground -1 -1 2 and findtype "kindling" as jindling dclick jindling wait minimumWaitForPing endwhile if not findtype "campfire" ground -1 -1 2 overhead "We have camping, but can not make a campfire!" 34 else while findtype "campfire" ground -1 -1 2 and not findbuff "campfire" overhead "Waiting for a campfire buff..." 88 wait 1000 endwhile endif endif endif clearsysmsg if skill "Tracking" > 0 if not findbuff "tracking" while not gumpexists 4267467659 useskill 'tracking' wait minimumWaitForPing endwhile if gumpexists 4267467659 while not insysmsg "You will now hunt all hostile players." gumpresponse 8 4267467659 waitforgump 4267467659 5000 endwhile gumpresponse 6 4267467659 wait minimumWaitForPing endif gumpclose 4267467659 endif endif