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Easy Heal by AreYouKidden🐲

Description: Simple Bandage Loop that will re-loop resurrections until rez'd, and will not break targets or hidden.

if skill 'Healing' > 25 if @insysmsg 'You fail to resurrect' @clearsysmsg pause 100 overhead 'Re-Attempting Resurrect!' 23 hotkey 'Bandage LastTarget' pause 250 endif if @insysmsg 'You finish applying the bandages' or @insysmsg 'You heal what little damage' overhead 'Bandage Finished' 23 @clearsysmsg endif if @insysmsg 'That being is not damaged!' overhead 'Target at Full' 23 @clearsysmsg endif if not bandaging and not targetexists and hits < maxhits and not hidden 'self' @clearsysmsg pause 100 hotkey 'Bandage Self' pause 200 endif endif loop