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Fishing with captcha detection by Brozan (Syal)

Description: Requires organizer 20 to have all things that can be fished. Assumes you have a greater ability and at least 100 skill. Needs a dress agent named "Fishing"

clearsysmsg if not timerexists "fishy" createtimer "fishy" settimer "fishy" 99999 endif overhead "Target organizer 20 hotbag" organizer 20 set while not insysmsg "Container set successfully" wait 250 endwhile if lhandempty dress 'Fishing' wait 500 endif while not dead if insysmsg "The world will save in 15 seconds" wait 45000 overhead "World Save Pause" endif if timer "fishy" > 8550 say "[greaterability" if lhandempty dress 'Fishing' wait 500 endif hotkey 'Use item in hand' settimer "fishy" 0 wait 500 organizer 20 wait 350 if insysmsg "did not find" while not dead say "Just relaxin on the waves" wait 1500 endwhile endif endif endwhile