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Fishing frenzy by Nevor

Description: Script to continously scan for fishing frenzy spots and clear them

//This script is continously checking for a fishing frenzy within range of sight //If in range it will automatically start fishing as long as there is a fishing pole equipped or in backpack //For players with tracking skill it will activate hunting mode and stop if an enemy is detected //You can input the name of your 'escape script' down below at the '//--->' marked areas if you want to use auto escape with tracking //Unfortunately it is not possible to discriminate between real and house-deco koi, since they have the same serial and hue clearsysmsg say 'Mornin`!' 100 @setvar! speechCycle 1 //activate hunting mode if skill 'Tracking' > 0 and not findbuff 'Tracking Hunting' skill 'Tracking' waitforgump 4267467659 gumpresponse 6 waitforgump 4267467659 gumpclose 4267467659 wait 200 endif //main loop, remove this while and the endwhile at end of script in case you do not want the script to cycle while not dead //tracking detection check if insysmsg 'now tracking' overhead '*** RED ALERT ***' 33 //---> insert the name of your escape script and remove the // below if you want to use auto escape //script 'myEscapeScript' stop endif //check for a fishing frenzy, standard range of sight is 18 tiles, range for fishing is 8 tiles if findtype 'koi' ground -1 -1 18 as myFrenzy //equip fishing pole if necessary, stop if we do not have one in our backpack if lhandempty and findtype 'fishing pole' backpack as myStick lift myStick drop self lefthand while queued wait 50 endwhile elseif lhandempty and not findtype 'fishing pole' backpack overhead 'No fishing pole' 33 stop endif //frenzy in range, fishing if find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 8 dclick myFrenzy //fishing time for a frenzy is 3 seconds, this for loop can potentially be reduced to 4 if you suffer less lag than I am (there is another 1 sec anti-spam wait below) for 5 //tracking detection check while fishing if insysmsg 'now tracking' overhead '*** RED ALERT ***' 33 //---> insert the name of your escape script and remove the // below if you want to use auto escape //script 'myEscapeScript' stop else wait 500 endif endfor //frenzy out of range notification elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 9 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 9 tiles' 68 overhead 'Move closer...' 68 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 10 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 10 tiles' 58 overhead 'Move closer...' 58 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 11 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 11 tiles' 56 overhead 'Move closer...' 56 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 12 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 12 tiles' 54 overhead 'Move closer...' 54 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 13 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 13 tiles' 50 overhead 'Move closer...' 50 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 14 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 14 tiles' 45 overhead 'Move closer...' 45 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 15 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 15 tiles' 43 overhead 'Move closer...' 43 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 16 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 16 tiles' 41 overhead 'Move closer...' 41 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 17 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 17 tiles' 39 overhead 'Move closer...' 39 elseif find myFrenzy ground -1 -1 18 overhead 'Fishing frenzy 18 tiles' 37 overhead 'Move closer...' 37 endif //role playing addition for high quality fishing //video suggestion for maximum fishertainment: if speechCycle = 0 say 'Mornin`!' 100 @setvar! speechCycle 1 elseif speechCycle = 1 say 'Nice day for fishing ain`t it!' 100 @setvar! speechCycle 2 elseif speechCycle = 2 say 'Hu ha!' 100 @setvar! speechCycle 0 endif endif //anti-spam wait wait 1000 //frenzy done check if insysmsg 'The fishing frenzy subsides' overhead 'Frenzy done' endif endwhile