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Fishing frenzy V2 by nev0r

//Script to detect and harvest fishing frenzy spots in the world of UO Outlands //You can input the name of your "escape script" down below ("//--->" marked area) if you want to use auto escape with tracking # globalWaitForServerResponse: your latency in ms setvar! globalWaitForServerResponse 500 //Activate Tracking if skill "Tracking" >= 50 and not findbuff "Tracking Hunting" clearsysmsg while not gumpexists 4267467659 skill "tracking" wait globalWaitForServerResponse endwhile gumpresponse 6 4267467659 waitforgump 4267467659 globalWaitForServerResponse gumpclose 4267467659 endif settimer speechTimer 10000 @clearignore while not dead //Tracking detection check if insysmsg "now tracking" overhead "|*** RED ALERT ***|" 33 //---> insert the name of your escape script and remove "//" below if you want to use auto escape // hotkey "Play Script: EscapeScript" stop endif //Check for a fishing frenzy, standard range of sight is 18 tiles, range for fishing is 8 tiles if findtype "koi" ground -1 -1 18 and not findtype "dragon flame badge" ground -1 -1 8 while 18 > index if 0 = index elseif findtype "koi" ground -1 -1 index as myFrenzy getlabel myFrenzy myFrenzyLabel if "fishing frenzy" in myFrenzyLabel if 8 >= index if not findtype "fishing pole" lefthand and findtype "fishing pole" backpack as myStick while not lhandempty or not rhandempty hotkey "Magic Lock" wait globalWaitForServerResponse endwhile @drop backpack -1 -1 -1 lift myStick wait globalWaitForServerResponse drop self lefthand elseif not findtype "fishing pole" self if timer speechTimer > 3000 overhead "No fishing pole" 33 settimer speechTimer 0 endif break endif overhead "Fishing" 68 myFrenzy overhead " ▼ " 68 myFrenzy dclick myFrenzy if timer speechTimer > 3000 settimer speechTimer 10000 endif wait 1000 break else overhead "Found frenzy: {{index}} tiles" 43 overhead "Move closer" 43 myFrenzy overhead " ▼▼ " 43 myFrenzy wait 1000 break endif else @ignore myFrenzy endif endif endwhile endif if timer speechTimer > 10000 if not varexist speechCycle or speechCycle = 0 say "Mornin`!" 100 setvar! speechCycle 1 elseif speechCycle = 1 say "Nice day for fishing ain't it!" 100 setvar! speechCycle 2 elseif speechCycle = 2 say "Hu ha!" 100 setvar! speechCycle 0 endif settimer speechTimer 0 endif endwhile