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Simple Fishing and Fish Steak by demlar

Description: No dress setup needed!!

#Original: Tribal Leader #Modified by: Demlar #1.1 no longer need to have a 'dress' name just works! #set this number when you want to carve up fish @setvar! fishtoCarveCount 20 if lhandempty if findtype 3520 backpack as pole lift pole drop 'self' LeftHand wait 500 endif endif clearsysmsg hotkey 'Use item in hand' wait 8000 for 10 wait 1000 if insysmsg "You fish" or insysmsg "You catch" # say 'Guards!' 55 #info says its cooked fish but I assure you its fish you just caught! if counttype 'cooked fish' backpack > fishtoCarveCount dclicktype 'dagger' backpack waitfortarget targettype 'cooked fish' endif break endif if insysmsg 'world is saving' for 30 overhead 'Waiting for world save...' wait 1000 if insysmsg 'save complete' overhead 'Save complete - continue on!' 88 replay endif endfor endif endfor loop