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Fishing with Captcha Detection (cooldown) by Jaseowns

# Fishing with Captcha Detection (cooldown) by Jaseowns # UO Outlands # Requirements # Setup a cooldown named "Fish" - it must match that name. # If you run the script without the cooldown, it will show you instructions. # but you want to have 3 entries with 10 seconds on each # sysmsg: fish # sysmsg: You retrieve a # overhead: You catch # The script works by checking the cooldown firing clearsysmsg @setvar! jaseFishingCD 9000 if not timerexists jaseFishingTimer createtimer jaseFishingTimer settimer jaseFishingTimer jaseFishingCD endif cooldown Fish jaseFishingCD if not cooldown Fish overhead "Please setup a cooldown named:" 34 overhead "Fish" 88 sysmsg "Please setup a cooldown named:" 34 sysmsg "Fish" 88 sysmsg "Add these with 10 second cooldown" 66 sysmsg "sysmsg: fish" sysmsg "sysmsg: You retrieve a" sysmsg "overhead: You catch" stop endif while not dead if lhandempty if findtype "fishing pole" backpack as item lift item drop self lefthand else overhead "Out of poles!" 34 stop endif wait 650 endif if insysmsg "The world will save in 15 seconds" for 30 overhead 'Waiting for world save...' wait 1000 if insysmsg 'save complete' overhead 'Save complete - continue on!' 88 replay endif endfor endif if timer jaseFishingTimer >= jaseFishingCD if cooldown Fish hotkey 'Use item in hand' settimer jaseFishingTimer 0 cooldown Fish 0 else wait 1000 if not cooldown Fish overhead 'Captcha break!' 34 for 20 overhead 'Awaiting Captcha...' 34 wait 1000 if insysmsg 'Captcha successful' overhead 'Success - continue on!' 88 wait 1000 replay endif endfor overhead 'Stopping script' 34 stop endif endif endif endwhile