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Map Decoder by arktik

Description: Decode every map in your backpack and optionally every map in your tomes.

# Resource Map Decoder v1.0.1 by Arktik # # Set to 1 if you want to restock maps from tomes when backpack has no maps # Set to 0 if you do NOT want to restock maps from tomes when backpack has no maps @setvar! map_restock 1 # If you want to restock spyglasses, add them to your shelf loadout # Set to 1 if you want to restock spyglasses from shelf when backpack has none # Set to 0 if you do NOT want to restock spyglasses from shelf when backpack has none @setvar! spyglass_restock 0 @setvar! timeout 650 @setvar! short_timeout 200 @setvar! ore_gump 3367641484 @setvar! skinning_gump 3473029237 @setvar! lumber_gump 1332805401 @setvar! treasure_gump 1520869851 @setvar! fishing_gump 2589357942 @clearignore if not listexists undecoded_map_list createlist undecoded_map_list else clearlist undecoded_map_list endif // Refill Spyglasses if spyglass_restock == 1 if not findtype "spyglass" backpack if findtype "storage shelf" ground -1 -1 2 as shelf menu shelf 1 wait short_timeout endif for 12 say "Need spyglass" 34 wait 5000 if findtype "spyglass" backpack break endif endfor endif endif if map_restock == 1 // Tome Gumps if not listexists tome_gump_list createlist tome_gump_list else clearlist tome_gump_list endif // treasure tome gump pushlist tome_gump_list 1863945839 // lumber tome gump pushlist tome_gump_list 3576069391 // ore tome gump pushlist tome_gump_list 1667380559 // fishing tome gump pushlist tome_gump_list 3448468591 // skinning tome gump pushlist tome_gump_list 4027121519 foreach tome_gump in tome_gump_list gumpclose tome_gump endfor // Tome Hues if not listexists tome_hue_list createlist tome_hue_list else clearlist tome_hue_list endif // Treasure pushlist tome_hue_list 2990 // Lumber pushlist tome_hue_list 2799 // Ore pushlist tome_hue_list 2796 // Fishing pushlist tome_hue_list 2722 // Skinning pushlist tome_hue_list 2651 for 5 if poplist tome_hue_list front as tome_hue if poplist tome_gump_list front as tome_gump if findtype 29104 ground tome_hue any 2 as tome dclick tome wait timeout gumpresponse 3 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 10 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 11 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 12 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 13 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 14 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 15 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 16 tome_gump wait short_timeout gumpresponse 17 tome_gump wait short_timeout if tome_hue != 2990 gumpresponse 18 tome_gump wait short_timeout endif gumpclose tome_gump wait timeout endif endif endif endfor endif // Close map gumps gumpclose ore_gump gumpclose skinning_gump gumpclose lumber_gump gumpclose treasure_gump gumpclose fishing_gump @clearignore while findtype "map" backpack as resource_map getlabel resource_map desc overhead desc if "[100.0%" in desc or "(100.0%" in desc @ignore resource_map else // Find number of undecoded maps left if findtypelist undecoded_map_list "map" backpack any endif for 200 if list undecoded_map_list = "index" @setvar! num_undecoded_maps "index" break endif endfor if num_undecoded_maps == 0 elseif num_undecoded_maps == 1 overhead "{{num_undecoded_maps}} map to decode" 88 else overhead "{{num_undecoded_maps}} maps to decode" 88 endif // Check for spyglasses if findtype "spyglass" backpack as glass dclick glass elseif spyglass_restock == 1 replay else for 12 say "Out of Spyglasses!" 34 wait 5000 endfor endif wft 1500 target resource_map // Select gump for current map @setvar! gumpIdToCheck 0 if "ore" in desc @setvar! gumpIdToCheck ore_gump elseif "skinning" in desc @setvar! gumpIdToCheck skinning_gump elseif "lumber" in desc @setvar! gumpIdToCheck lumber_gump elseif "treasure" in desc @setvar! gumpIdToCheck treasure_gump elseif "fishing" in desc @setvar! gumpIdToCheck fishing_gump else overhead "Unknown gump!" 34 endif waitforgump gumpIdToCheck 1000 // Decode the map overhead "Updating..." clearsysmsg while gumpexists gumpIdToCheck getlabel resource_map desc if "[100.0%" in desc or "(100.0%" in desc gumpclose gumpIdToCheck @ignore resource_map else gumpresponse 4 gumpIdToCheck wait timeout endif endwhile endif wait short_timeout endwhile // Restock all maps back into tomes @clearignore while findtype 29104 ground -1 -1 2 as tome menu tome 0 wait short_timeout @ignore tome endwhile