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Decipher Maps by jfrostp

Related: Cartography

Description: Deciphers all undeciphered or partially-deciphered maps in your backpack. Also drops any ore maps into an ore tome in your backpack if you have one.

@clearignore @cleardragdrop for 5 gumpclose endfor while findtype 5356 backpack as map getlabel map mapLabel if "100.0%" in mapLabel else if findtype 'spyglass' backpack usetype 'spyglass' waitfortarget target map waitforgump 'any' gumpresponse 4 else overhead "No Spyglass!" stop endif setvar! mapDone 0 while mapDone = 0 gumpresponse 4 wait 1750 if insysmsg 'do not have any spyglasses of that' gumpclose wait 500 if findtype 'spyglass' backpack dclicktype 'spyglass' waitfortarget 300 target 'map' waitforgump 'any' gumpresponse 4 wait 1750 else overhead "No spyglass!" 55 stop endif endif getlabel map mapLabel if "100.0%" in mapLabel setvar! mapDone 1 elseif insysmsg 'you have reached' setvar! mapDone 1 endif endwhile endif gumpclose if findtype 29104 true 2796 as tome lift map wait 350 drop tome wait 350 endif @ignore map endwhile gumpclose removelist 'maps' overhead "All maps decoded!" @clearignore @cleardragdrop