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Siv's Taming Trainer by Siv

Description: Simplistic alternative to Tame Outlands script. Bypassed using a dagger by performing notoriety checks on tame targets. Requires: Veterinary Skill, Bandages, a tank pet.

//Sivs Taming Trainer v1.0 //Train Animal Taming 50-120 //------------------------------------// //Description: Taming Trainer // //Credits to: Zell, a rideable llama // //Author: Siv // //Date: Sep/24/2021 // //Version: 1.0 // //-----------------------------------// // //-------------------------------// //Requirements: // // Vet Skill // // Bandages // // Tank Pet // //------------------------------// //------------------// // Init // //------------------// //Create a timer for vet if not timerexists 'vet' createtimer 'vet' settimer 'vet' 10000 endif //Create a timer for taming if not timerexists 'taming' createtimer 'taming' settimer 'taming' 13000 endif //Create a variable for tankpet if not varexist 'tankpet' setvar 'tankpet' 0 endif //Set tankpet on first run if not find 'tankpet' overhead "Target your tank pet!" 555 setvar 'tankpet' //Ignore tank pet if same as tamable type ignore 'tankpet' endif //Safety Measure hotkey "clear target queue" //Prevent taming interruptions warmode 'on' warmode 'off' //Check for bandages if not findtype 'clean bandage%s%' backpack overhead "You need to get some bandages!" 555 stop endif //------------------// // Heal Tank // //------------------// if find 'tankpet' ground any any 2 and timer 'vet' > 10000 if findtype 'clean bandage%s%' backpack overhead "Bandaging!" 555 dclicktype 'clean bandage%s%' backpack waitfortarget 1000 target 'tankpet' settimer 'vet' 0 endif endif //Safety measure hotkey 'cancel current target' //--------------------// // Setup Tame List // // From Zell // //--------------------// // Apply pets to tame at specific levels feel free to add more if skill 'Taming' < 60 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Frog pushlist 'tames' '80' elseif skill 'Taming' < 70 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Cave Bear pushlist 'tames' '213' elseif skill 'Taming' < 75 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Scarab pushlist 'tames' '169' elseif skill 'Taming' < 80 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Drake Whelp pushlist 'tames' '718' //Aegis Slime pushlist 'tames' '51' elseif skill 'Taming' < 85 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Deep Crawler pushlist 'tames' '315' //Bullvore pushlist 'tames' '715' elseif skill 'Taming' < 90 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Drake red pushlist 'tames' '61' //Drake grey pushlist 'tames' '60' elseif skill 'Taming' < 95 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Husk Crab pushlist 'tames' '729' //Fire Minion pushlist 'tames' '776' elseif skill 'Taming' < 100 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Dragon grey pushlist 'tames' '12' //Dragon red pushlist 'tames' '59' //Molten Mongbat pushlist 'tames' '39' //Wyvern Hatchling pushlist 'tames' '733' elseif skill 'Taming' < 105 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Snow Drift pushlist 'tames' '51' //Dusk drake pushlist 'tames' '60' elseif skill 'Taming' < 110 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Earth drake pushlist 'tames' '60' pushlist 'tames' '61' //Acarid pushlist 'tames' '385' elseif skill 'Taming' < 115 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Aegis Minion pushlist 'tames' '776' //Sphinx pushlist 'tames' '293' elseif skill 'Taming' < 120 removelist 'tames' createlist 'tames' //Earth dragon pushlist 'tames' '12' pushlist 'tames' '59' //Colossal Sandroach pushlist 'tames' '388' else overhead 'You cannot train beyond 120!' pause 1000 stop endif //--------------------------// // Find a beast to tame // //-------------------------// foreach 'tame' in 'tames' //Kill tamed animal without releasing if findtype 'tame' any any any 2 as 'foo' overhead "Found a beast!" 555 //Ignore tameables with the same graphic id if skill 'Taming' < 80 getlabel 'foo' tName if 'dragon whelp' in tName overhead "Dragon whelp... Ignoring!" 555 ignore 'foo' replay endif endif if noto 'foo' = friend overhead "Killing the tamed beast!" 555 wait 2500 say 'all kill' wait 500 target 'foo' while find 'foo' any any any 2 if timer 'vet' > 10000 hotkey 'cancel current target' overhead "Bandaging!" 555 dclicktype 'clean bandage%s%' wait 500 target 'tankpet' settimer 'vet' 0 elseif diffhits > 10 overhead "Watch your health!" wait 2000 else wait 1000 endif endwhile //Tame if creature is criminal or hostile elseif noto 'foo' = criminal or noto 'foo' = hostile if timer 'taming' > 13000 overhead "Taming the beast..." 555 wait 2500 hotkey 'cancel current target' useskill 'taming' wait 500 target 'foo' settimer 'taming' 0 wait 1000 elseif timer 'taming' < 13000 overhead "Already taming..." 555 wait 1000 endif endif wait 3000 else overhead "Searching the area..." 555 wait 3000 endif endfor loop