Ignoring Other Players Summons or Tames

One issue that came up while playing the mage bot was we were attacking red or grey players summons and tames. This would flag you grey to the person and they could attack for free.

Unfortunately just using "ignore" in the game does not prevent the target closest monster check to actually not select that creature. The work around for that is to setup a friends list, and make sure that the option to NOT select a friend using next/prev target is check marked.

Follow these steps...

  • Click Friends Tab
  • Click the plus [+]
  • Make sure to enter name of group as IgnoreMobs - it needs to match the case.
  • Make sure the enabled checkbox
  • Make sure the "Next/Prev Target ignores 'Friends'" is checkmarked.

Now that your friend group is created, update the script variable didYouSetupIgnoreMobs as 1.

  • Find @setvar! didYouSetupIgnoreMobs 0 and set the 0 as 1.

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