How do I move only unidentified items?

Function getlabel

Using getlabel in a script let's us check for specific text, but first we need to find the items using a source.

getlabel serial variable

TLDR: using getlabel and check for "unidentified"

Finding items to sort

Before we can move the items, we first need to find them. There is no way in Outlands Razor to cycle items in your bag, so we instead need to search for items in your bag first.

So what you want to do is find the item and then get label. Here is a small example of finding spellbooks:

# Example of finding unidentified spellbooks in your backpack # spellbook body id is 3834 @clearignore while findtype 3834 backpack as item getlabel item desc if "unidentified" in desc overhead "This one is unidentified!" endif @ignore item endwhile @clearignore

If you need to know the item id, you can use >info - more info about >info here

Be sure to check out my complete drop off script "control shift o"

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